Business Communication Minor - BCOM

This minor is only available to students who matriculated prior to Fall 2018.

Both business and industry recognize the importance of communication. Top and middle management personnel and employees are increasingly aware of their essential interdependencies. The Business Communication minor is open to all undergraduates. It offers an integrated program of study in areas which provide necessary information and insights for students majoring in business, economics, and professional accountancy, as well as for students whose career orientation is in corporate or organizational work. The minor is designed to increase the marketability of students by developing their communicative skills and their abilities to analyze communication situations. Interested students are expected to register their intent to undertake the minor and to obtain further information prior to beginning the course sequences. For further information contact the Department of Communication and Media, B-12 IRC, 607.436.3411. *revised Sociology Department course codes effective Fall 2016. (Previous course codes in parentheses).

Core Courses 12 s.h.

BUS 111 Intro to Business

COMM 255 Organizational Communication

COMP 100 Composition

MGMT 241 Fundamentals of Management

Selections 9 s.h.

Select one of the following:

  • COMM 110 Public Speaking
  • COMM 227 Small Group Communication

Select one of the following:

  • BUS 240 Writing for Business and Professions
  • COMP 200 Advanced Composition

Select one of the following:

  • ACCT 100 Financial Accounting
  • COMM 244 Conflict Management
  • CSCI 100 Intro to Computing Technology
  • PSYC 204 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • SOC 288 (SOCL 262) Complex Organizations
  • SOCL 263 Sociology of Work (No longer available)

Total: 21 s.h.


1. College rules pertaining to curriculum majors also apply to curriculum minors

  • Minor GPA of at least 2.0
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade unless offered Pass/Fail only
  • One-half (1/2) of the minor coursework must be completed in residence
  • No more than two courses may overlap between/among all majors/minors; any excess requires additional coursework

2. Check proper course selection, sequence and prerequisite requirements with the department of the minor

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