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Reiki: The Healing Touch

Does Reiki sound intriguing to you? If so, join us for this educational workshop that will explore what Reiki is and why it's called the “Universal Life Energy.” Reiki is a natural, gentle, powerful and non-invasive treatment. Some things attributed to using Reiki are deep relaxation, a sense of well-being, and feelings of empowerment. It is commonly experienced as having meditative effects.

This workshop will include as many demonstrations as time will allow for, including preparation, technique and hand placement. The room will be available for additional time beyond the 1.5 hours of scheduled session. This will allow time for those who did not have the opportunity to experience a treatment but would like to. Reiki treatments are performed with participants fully clothed in either a chair or on a massage table.

This workshop is perfect for anyone interested in discovering more about Reiki, or for those considering future treatments.

Workshops led by:

Laura Solomon, LCSW-R

Reiki Master

200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor

The workshops are scheduled for an hour and a half for instruction and demonstration. Please allow more time if you wish to experience Reiki during this workshop. If you like what you learn in the workshop, you will have the opportunity to experience your own session with the instructor, to be arranged for a later scheduled date.

* Please select only one workshop, as they are the same. We are offering two dates for your convenience.

Workshops will run again in the Spring of 2020 so please check back with us.

Reiki Instructor below Laura Solomon
Reiki Instructor Laura Solomon
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