Transcendental Music And Dance

Discover & Recreate Yourself Through Music & Freestyle Dance

DJ Board

Connect with others while under the spell of enchanting Middle Eastern melodies and rich entrancing rhythms. 

It's fun! It's easy! It's natural!

  • Discover a new you through exotic music and freestyle dance, while making new friends.
  • Inhibitions and stress quickly melt away while exploring new ways to feel really good about yourself and others.
  • Learn to improvise confidently while experiencing your own unique style. Come and meet your Muse!

Novice and gifted dancers welcome to come and share the experience together.

Class facilitator Jeseppi Trade Wildfeather (dj ZEP) is a contributing dj for PBS Radio, WEXT 97.7. Twenty-one years in San Francisco Bay Area working with recording artists, producers, dj's, musicians, dancers and many gifted performers. 
Fall Class Dates: TBA