Student Services

How To Get Involved?

There are many opportunities to get involved with CSRC programs and services. The best way to find out how is to drop by and talk to our staff in Hunt Union. We can connect you with service opportunities practically everywhere, ranging from foreign countries to our own local organizations.

We have opportunities that range in length, scope, depth, and in every other possible way. One common feature in the activities that we offer is they help communities and humanity as a whole. Most volunteer opportunities require no experience of any kind. Anyone can be involved-- student, faculty member, or nonprofit leader. We have something to offer to everyone!

The Student Services Information and Referral Office

The Student Services Information and Referral (SSIR) staffing model offers students the opportunity to work together as a team to lead the campus in service opportunities with the community.

Students provide direction to the Center through the roles of Recruitment Coordinator, Special Events Coordinator, Agency Relations Coordinator, and Communications Coordinator.

Students who have an opportunity to plan and document their leadership and service experiences with both qualitative and quantitative outcomes will have a wealth of information to use in the reflective process and strengthen their leadership skills.

CSRC Student Coordinators

Student coordinators learn many valuable skills that enhance their career opportunities:

  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Strategic planning
  • Volunteer management
  • Organizing
  • Networking
  • Critical thinking
  • Marketing

The Student Services Information and Referral office is led by student coordinators hired each academic year. The student coordinators for 2023-2024 are:

  • Allen Kariyakarawana
  • Daniel Schlagel
  • Jaden Santiseban

Student Coordinator Roles

  • Responsible for identifying and maintaining communication with agencies that are in need of student volunteers
  • Keep the nonprofit directory up-to-date
  • Maintain contact with nonprofit organizations (NPO)
  • Maintain a list of all the NPO's that we work with
  • Complete job descriptions
  • Send letters to NPO's
  • Be prepared to give presentations to the NPO when the Center director is not available
  • Send out follow-up letters to the NPO to see if they are satisfied with the Center's volunteers
  • Write and submit monthly articles for all media
  • Responsible for recruiting students to staff all agency requests for volunteers and special events which involve the Center
  • Communicate opportunities to students
  • Recruit for special job description requests
  • Make sure the job descriptions are displayed properly
  • Send out mass e-mails and voice mails when needed
  • Contact those students who have shown interest or filled out orientation forms
  • Maintain database of student orientation forms
  • Write and submit monthly articles
  • Responsible for all public relations and marketing
  • Disseminate information for the Center, including mass media
  • Fundraising
  • Identify community members who will help
  • Send letters to the community
  • Produce and distribute flyers for the CSRC
  • Write and submit monthly articles, produce newsletter.
  • Responsible for implementation of all special events that involve the Center
  • Organize annual Into the Streets event to take place in May
  • Organize all events identified and delegate what needs to be done
  • Write and submit articles regarding special events
  • Responsible for making placements with agencies, any follow up necessary to assure student needs are being addressed and met
  • Maintain relations with all student associations
  • Disseminate information to students
  • Make and distribute posters and flyers
  • Give presentations to faculty and students
  • Write and submit monthly articles regarding service opportunities and volunteer recognition
  • Help fellow Coordinators
  • Answer the phone and take messages
  • Obtain agency job descriptions by phone
  • Submit monthly articles and news to the Communications Coordinator
  • Recruit new volunteers
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