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Volunteer Opportunities | Fall 2021 Please Come into the Office to Sign Up!

Do not call Agencies

Each semester CSRC receives new volunteer job descriptions for area agencies and organizations. The Center can assist you in getting involved in volunteer opportunities that interest you or best suit your academic needs. It is important that you sign up through the Center in order to make certain that the agencies we work with are kept informed. Please stop by the Center in Alumni Hall 101C to see our list of volunteer opportunities or call a CSRC Coordinator at X-2651 or 2098 to sign up.

The Kindness Station is not open this semester for late night rides

One Time Events

Festival of Lights
  • December 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, 18th, 30th, and 31st, help set up lights and be part of crew! Come into the office for times and to sign up.

SQSPCA Pop-Up Thrift Shop

  • 2 people per shift, 2 hours per shift, help out around store located in Southside Mall. 11/12-12/19. Come to the office to sign up!

Super Hero in Ripped Jeans Warming Shelter

  • Saturday December 4th at 12pm be part of crew and help keep the community warm!


On-Going Events

Family Services looking for a group to organize a hygiene drive please contact the CSRC or Linda Drake for more details

Catholic Charities

  • Friendly individuals welcome to be a senior citizen(s) companion. For more information come into the office! This is commitment based however the volunteer opportunities vary!

Club Odyssey

  • Be leader and help support the youth of the community with a safe space to hang out and have fun on Thursdays!

Saturday's Bread-Soup Kitchen

  • Requires 2 volunteers 9/25, and every Saturday two drivers to deliver meals in town should take about 2 and a half hours. Begins at 10:30am.
  • Beginning October 16th there will be two volunteers for food preparation each Saturday.

SPCA-Animal Shelter (needs car/bus)

  • Each day of the week there are many opportunities to volunteer with the animals! The time slots vary by the schedule please come into the office to see what times are available!

Lord's Table Soup Kitchen

  • 1-3 Volunteers will help at the soup kitchen from 3:45-5:45/6PM M-F.

Lord's Table Food Pantry

  • The pantry is from 9am-2pm M-F, this will take 5 volunteers.

Make a difference at home!

Visit the following sites, put your zipcode in and see what might be needed in your hometown you can safely help with


  1. Provide some food to a neighbor (leaving it outside their door of course)
  2. Write encouraging letters for your local nursing homes or those in need
  3. Be an online tutor for students
  4. Do you speak another language? Be a translator
  5. Research charities and see if you can help them find grants and possibly write for them
  6. Are you crafty? create items that will help people or make them smile
  7. Go through your closets and donate what you do not use or need anymore when it is safe to do so
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