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Volunteer Opportunities | Spring 2022

Please Come into the Office to Sign Up!

Each semester CSRC receives new volunteer job descriptions for area agencies and organizations. The Center can assist you in getting involved in volunteer opportunities that interest you or best suit your academic needs. It is important that you sign up through the Center in order to make certain that the agencies we work with are kept informed. Please stop by the Center in Hunt Union 127 to see our list of volunteer opportunities or call a CSRC Coordinator at X-2651 or 2098 to sign up.

Save the Date!

We have some big service events coming up. Email us at for more information!


  • Canstruction is a creative food drive! Join us in building a structure entirely out of canned food!
  • Build Date: April 2nd | Display Dates: April 2nd to April 10th
  • Applications for this event are due March 11th

Oneonta Fights Cancer MUSIC FESTIVAL

  • April 8th | 6:00pm to Midnight | Alumni Field House
  • We may or may not have some of your favorite local bands coming to play ;)
  • More information coming soon!

Into The Streets 2022

  • May 7th | 6 hours of service!
  • Information Session/Volunteer Orientation on Thursday, Feb. 24th @ 7:00pm | FITZ 204
    • We will be handing out some paperwork for creating teams of 10-12 people. Only one member of a group needs to attend

One Time Events

Noah's World

  • Looking for 4-5 volunteers to chaperone Parents Night Out that can watch and play with the kids
  • DATES: Saturday, March 19 | Saturday, April 23
  • Time: 5:30pm to 7:30pm
  • ~5 minute drive or take the West End bus

On-Going Events

Club Odyssey

  • The Youth Filmmaking Program is looking for volunteers to help young students produce original videos!
    • Every Thursday at 5:30pm

Saturday's Bread-Soup Kitchen

  • Requires 2 volunteers, one driver and a volunteer to help with meal delivery locally around Oneonta
    • Begins at 10:30am and takes around 2 1/2 hours

Lord's Table Soup Kitchen

  • 1-3 Volunteers will help at the soup kitchen (varies by need)
    • 3:45pm to 5:45pm M-F

Lord's Table Food Pantry

  • This will take 1 volunteer only
    • 9:00am to 2:00pm M-F
Super Heroes In Ripped Jeans (5-minute drive or cab ride)
  • Looking for dog walkers
    • Weekly commitment
  • Shelter upkeep and cleaning
    • Any time from 9:00am to 5:00pm at least two hours
Super Heroes In Ripped Jeans: Thrift Store (on Main St)
  • Looking for volunteers to work the floor and cash register
    • Any time from 11:00am to 3:00pm for at least 2 hours

SPCA-Animal Shelter (30-minute drive)

  • Each day of the week there are many opportunities to volunteer with the animals!

Catholic Charities

  • Looking for semester-long volunteers for the Aging Life Program
    • ​Shopping Transportation
    • Lighting Housekeeping
    • Friendly Visitor
  • There is an application and short orientation for this opportunity
  • Volunteer dates and times will be set after orientation

Make a difference at home!

Visit the following sites, put your zip code in and see what might be needed in your hometown you can safely help with


  1. Provide some food to a neighbor (leaving it outside their door of course)
  2. Write encouraging letters for your local nursing homes or those in need
  3. Be an online tutor for students
  4. Do you speak another language? Be a translator
  5. Research charities and see if you can help them find grants and possibly write for them
  6. Are you crafty? create items that will help people or make them smile
  7. Go through your closets and donate what you do not use or need anymore when it is safe to do so
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