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The Center for Social Science Research (CSSR) was created to foster collaborations across the social sciences at SUNY Oneonta. Through its different programs, the faculty, staff, and students have been brought together to explore, describe and explain the social world in which we live. The CSSR has been highly active producing a number of different white papers and books, as well as various other scholarly products in professional journals.

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Annual Paper Competition

The CSSR is now hosting its annual student paper competition. Please download the call for papers for more details: Call for Papers. 

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The Center for Social Science Research publishes scholarly research reports and has coordinated projects such as edited books that examine issues related to the Center's core themes.

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The Center for Social Science Research has a number of programs that it supports through scholarly lectures and public forums. These include the Diversity Series, as well as the Global Connectedness series. These correspond to the pillars of the College at Oneonta, as outlined by President Kleniewski.

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The Center for Social Science Research is committed to student research involvement and engagement. This includes both independent student research and faculty-led research. The annual student paper competition was designed to encourage both.

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The membership of Center for Social Science Research includes all faculty in the School of Social Science who wish to be members, as well as other faculty collaborating on projects and events hosted by the CSSR.

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The Center for Social Science Research was founded by members of the SUNY Oneonta faculty in 1998 to foster an environment conducive to social scientific research. One of the original goals was a group of committed scholars who could talk to each other across disciplines about their research. Originally, the Coordinator of the Center was Dr. Steve Gilbert, a Psychologist who was among the original group of scholars. In 2000, Dr. Alex Thomas, a Sociologist, became Coordinator, followed in 2003 by our current Coordinator, Dr. Ho Hon Leung. Over the years the mandate of CSSR has expanded from that original group to include the invitation of speakers, the organization of panel discussions of interest to both the college and wider community, and conferences to explore specific scientific questions. In addition, the Center publishes research conducted by faculty-student research teams at the college.

For more information about the CSSR or on becoming an active participant, please contact the Director of the CSSR.


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