Rave Mobile Alert

SUNY Oneonta uses a tool from Rave Mobile Safety to send urgent messages to college email addresses, other email addresses, and cell phones. The college communicates during campus emergencies and makes weather-related announcements such as class cancellations through Rave.

Rave is not for routine, day-to-day messaging.

Rave is not the same as NY-Alert, either. Rave and NY-Alert differ a couple important ways.

First, the University Police Department administers NY-Alert. The Office of Communication and Marketing operates Rave.

Second, NY-Alert is positioned as a tool for first responders to notify the campus community about the most serious emergency circumstances. Rave, on the other hand, is for communicating a broad range of information related to unforeseen events across multiple channels, not just email and text, but also Facebook and Twitter.

Students, and campus employees may choose to receive or not receive Rave messages by text or email to their non-college email accounts by sharing or un-sharing their cell phone numbers or non-college email addresses. However, no one can opt out of receiving Rave messages at their college email account.