COVID Response Team

The COVID Response Team (CRT) is charged with supporting an optimal learning environment for students through planning for the health and safety of the campus community.

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  • Richie Lee
  • Julie Piscitello

CRT Steering Group

  • Maureen Artale
  • Karen Brown
  • Dia Carleton
  • Franklin Chambers
  • Graig Eichler
  • Melissa Fallon-Korb
  • Amanda Finch
  • William Henn
  • Keith Jones
  • Dave Lincoln
  • Kim MacLeod
  • Steve Maniscalco
  • Danielle McMullen
  • Lachlan Squair
  • Bernadette Tiapo
  • Karyn Wendrow
  • Diane Williams

CRT Operations

  • CRT Operations is comprised of 30+ ¬†representatives from across the campus.
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