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The entire SUNY Oneonta community is concerned about the welfare of our students during this uncertain time. All students are facing unprecedented disruptions to their academic journeys as they transition to remote learning, and many will face financial difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 health crisis.

Many alumni and friends have reached out to ask how they can help. You can support SUNY Oneonta students experiencing hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic by contributing to one of the funding priorities described below. Now, more than ever, we need the Oneonta community to unite in support of these initiatives. Currently, we are in need of additional funding to assist every student facing these unprecedented challenges. Your contribution will provide students with emergency financial support, help them overcome barriers to academic success, and keep them on track for graduation.

The Student Emergency Fund provides non-tuition grants for SUNY Oneonta students to help pay for urgent expenses triggered by unforeseen events that threaten their ability to stay in college. Unexpected emergencies can create a critical need for things such as rent, utilities, clothing, furniture, medical expenses, transportation, and replacement of stolen items needed for school. Students can apply for the necessary funding to pay for those emergency expenses above and beyond tuition so they are able to stay enrolled and focus on their studies.

Paul Adamo '81 and Ann Adamo '82
Wylance Adams '13
Matthew Albright '91, '96
Alex's World Bistro
Frances Althiser
Sandra L. Andrews '74
Victoria Andritz '65 and Robert Rightmire
Apple, Inc.
Stephanie Augello '19
Esther Babcock '67
Sharon Bandhold '78
Earl Barker '84
Jeffrey Barnett '79
Joann Barnhart '73 and Paul Barnhart '75
Sandra Barone '62 and Paul Barone
Jillian Basile
Michael J. Becker '86
Kyle Beckley '08 and Michael Abourizk
Nancy L. Behrns '75
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Marsha K. Benjamin '68
Kirsten Bent '07 and Matthew Bent '07
Harriet Berard '57, '67
Jerrold G. Bermingham '83
Jeffrey Bienstock '93 and Wendy Bienstock '93
Ellen Blaisdell and Peter Exton
Frances Bliven '54, '61
Bill Bogatz '74
Troy Boyd '80
Eileen Bray '72 and R. Jeffrey Bray '72
Patricia Breslauer '70
Michael Brophy '73
Michelle Bruck '97
Jennifer Bueche '83
Carol Burkhart '68, '73 and John Burkhart '68, '74
Constance Burrell-Valentine '64
Karen L. Byrnes '92
Carolyn Cacciato '79
La-Tarri Canty '01
John M. Carey '78
Jo-Ann Carhart '75
John L. Carline '52
Alice Carpenter '72
Ruth Carr
Sarah Cascone '09
Maureen Cashman
Colleen Cashman
Andrea Casper '75
George L. Cavagnaro Jr. '77
Verna Marie Chiarello '71
Joseph P. Ciccone '78
Harry Cooke '73
Rosemarie Coon '77 and James Coon '75
Lorena Coscio '93
Sarah Coykendall '15
Barbara Crotty '79
Nicolette Curcio '12
Mary Dacquino '80 and David Dacquino
Sean Daly '11
Danan Realty Trust
Caroline D'Antonio '67
Jay Davidson '69 and Kevin O'Neill
Diane M. Davies '75
Beverly W. Davis '56
Joan Davis '64
Carol Dean
Sonia DeFrancis
Katherine Delaney '63
John Delehanty '75 and Wendy Delehanty '74
Mark Delligatti '75
Joanne M. DeMarco '91
Melissa E. Demlein '00
Michele Devereaux '70
Susan M. Dolezel '67
Gabriela Donato '15
Judith Dourney '64
Asia Dowtin '09
Kathleen Dunne '73
Diane Dwyer '72
Bonnie M. Edwards '87
Donna S. Einhorn '71, '72
Laura Eisen '73 and Bruce Eisen '72
Mark English '08 and Robin English
Robin G. Epstein '75
Ronald Feldstein and Joanne Feldstein '88
Silvia Ferlazzo '71
Gail Feuer '86 and Steven Feuer
Barbara Fiato '89
Dorothy P. Fiedler '77
Malcolm S. Field '81
Myra Fincher '63
Lisa Flynn
Edward Forman and Carol Forman
Patrick Foti '57
Crystal Fraioli '13
David G. Frick '77
Paula Fuhst '74
Kathleen Gallagher '75 and Robert Gallagher '75
Carla Gantner
Joanne Gates '71
Gerstner Family Foundation
Heather J. Gilkey '64
William Goertemoeller '65, '69 and Cynthia Goertemoeller '66
Jayne Gosney '17
Jane Grastorf
Mary Griffin '92 and James Griffin '91, '95
Stefan Gunther Ph.D. '88
Tammy L. Hagin '92
Marty Hansen '75
Jessica Harney '03 and David Harney
Ryan Harrington '04
Meryl M. Harrison '53
Linda M. Hart '79
Susan Haswell '65
Randolph W. Haus '75
David Hayes '68 and Janet Hayes '71
Heckscher Foundation for Children
John Henaghan '80 and Sharon Henaghan '80
Julie Henderson-Divi '80 and John Divi '78
Mary E. Hennelly '83
Roz Hewsenian '75
Patrick Hillis
Melissa A. Hochberg '84
Melissa G. Hough '87
Gregory Hummel
Abigail Hurley
Jennifer Isidoro '10
Alison K. James
Linda D. Jenkins '71
Ellen Jennings '68
Donna Johnson '86 and Dennis Johnson '78
Andrea J. Johnson '80
Johnson and Johnson
Michele Jones '84
N. Mary Jane Jones '62
Sally A. Jozwiak '82
Lori Kanowitz '80
Timothy R. Kavanaugh '78
Debra A. Kawaller '77
Gina Keel
Patricia Kelder '76
Richard Keller-Coffey '83
Lisa C. Kenny '89
Debbie Kilpatrick '01
Mary Ann King USN(Ret.) '73
Kathleen Kirchner '54
Ira L. Kocivar '71
Pamela Kowalski '75
Kelly Kraft-Meyer and Richard Meyer '85
William Kremer and Priscilla Kremer '76
LeeAnn Kuhn
Valerie A. Kushner '82
Andrea LaMantia '75
Catherine Latham '61
Amy Leff Temple '77
Anna Legname '06
Denise Leinonen
Caitlin Lenihan '17
Anne Lennebacker '61 and Jack Lennebacker
Barry Lenoble '86 and Lauren Lenoble
Marlene Lentz '79
Nancy Lesser and Craig Lesser '72
Richard Levy '76
Margaret D. Lewis '80
Patricia Lichiello '76
David Lincoln '95 and Laura Lincoln
Donald Lindboe '74
Nancy Lombard '68
Christine Loughran '10
Susan L. Love '79
Jean M. Lown '72
Helen Lug '72
Phyllis E. Macbeth '66
Joanne B. Magowan '73
Joan E. Mansell '63
Christine M. Marino '90, '91
Shannon Marlow-McCowin '13 and Jarvis Marlow-McCowin
Rose Marsh '64
Ronald S. Matthias '78
Trisha Matz and Christopher Matz
Janice Maxwell '95 and Ryan Maxwell '95
Patrick McCann '75 and Linda McCann '76
Eileen McClafferty
Elizabeth McGrail '01
Drew P. McKay '05
Barbara J. McLaud '66
William McVicar '81 and Kathleen McVicar '83
Joanne Mickle '55
Anthony Miller '69 and Lois Miller '69
Mary Milmore and David Milmore '74
Jill S. Mirabito
Erikka Misrahi '08 and Jason Misrahi
Richard A. Monkman '79
Katherine Monthie '68
Laura M. Morcone '06, '12
Patrick M. Moylan '63
Peter Muller
Allison Murphy '17
JoAnne Murphy '86
Allison M. Myers '91
Elizabeth Nardin '07
Katherine A. Nelligan
William Neubauer '75 and Susan Neubauer '76
William S. Neubeck '76
Sandra Neverett '72 and Pamela Cranston
Madelyn Nicolini '16
Thomas Nixon '92 and Kathleen Nixon '92
Jennifer Oates '06
Patricia O'Dell
Frank J. Oliva '70
Lance S. Oslinker '81
Ryan Page '17
Judith E. Palais '81
Nicole Palumbo '16
Carolyn Patierno '82
Jill M. Payne '79
Cheryl Peeters
Stephanie Peguillan '15
Emanuel Pelligra '73 and Patricia Carey-Pelligra '71
Thomas Pensak '76
Russell Pergola '18
Paul Perlman '76 and Beth Mattimore
Janet Perna '70 and Melanie Rose
Agnes Peterson '71 and David Peterson
Sara Pickett '79
William Pietraface and Marjorie Pietraface
Charles Pilch '82
Julianne Piscitello and Joe Piscitello
Louise K. Plumb '68
Jason Pomeroy '09 and Lisa Pomeroy '08, '12
Audrey Porsche and Brian Alexander
Amy Posner '76
Juliette Price '10
Anne Pryor '76 and Steven Ackerman '76
Joseph N. Raia '78
David Ranieri '82 and Tracey Ranieri
Learay J. Rayburn-Silvia
Robert Raymond '74
Charles Remillard '15
James Reuther '73
Mary Ricciuti '73
Peggy A. Richter '76
Esther Ricker '56
William Riecker '72 and Barbara Riecker '73
Bobbie Rolston '53
Zachary Rossi '09
Brian Rudolph
Marie Ruggles and Sheldon Ruggles
Marcy Salmirs '83 and Scott Salmirs '84
Brian J. Sayre '89
Lisa Schery '05 and Matthew Schery '06
Patricia Schiavone '73
Geraldine Schwartzer '72
Todd Scott '74
Elizabeth Seale
Therese Shady '76
Joyce Shafer '60 and David Shafer '59
Adam Shapiro '12
Jill S. Shaw '88
Suzy Shepardson '93
Raymond Siegrist
Neal Silvernail '69 and Elaine Silvernail '63
Elizabeth Small
Marie Soden '71 and Irving Soden '70
Barbara Soldani '66
Louis Soldano '90
Joanne Soued '71 and Frederick Soued
Donald Spector '81
Maya Speelmans '77
Katherine Stanley and Jared Stanley
State Farm Companies Foundation
Susan Stetson '83
Keith Stewart '73
Denise A. Straut '90, '11
Zachary Strohm '14
Alane C. Strong '90
Sarah Summers '11
SUNY Impact Foundation Inc.
SUNY Oneonta Student Association
Donna Sutherland '76 and Robert Sutherland '77
Karen Sutton '66
Kevin Sutton '16
Jacqueline Terry-Hughes '87
Craig Thaler
Terri Thomas
Wade Thomas and Maggie Morrison
Logan Thomson '04 and Nora Thomson
Theresia Tice '87
Monica Tomazic '12, '15
Rebecca Truland '09
Patricia A. Turken '80
Michael Uzzi '78
Julia Valentino '19
William V. Vandenbosch '69
Susan Venditto Wallace '79
Mark A. Ventrone Esq. '79
Deborah Viscogliosi '85
Margaret Walsh '80
Stephen M. Walsh '79
Diane Webster '72
Benjamin Wendrow '08 and Karyn Wendrow '09
Sandra Wheeler '62
Ellen Whipple '72, '76 and David Whipple '66 '70
Jessica Wielinski '06
Kevin C. Wilcox '86
Helena E. Williams '76
Kathy A. Winkler '81
Jonathan M. Winnicki '06
Judith G. Wohrle '72
Nancy Wolters
Mary Yarusso '66
Carole Yass '78
Kelly Yates '05
Cheryl A. Zagoria '78
Tina Zayhowski '68
Taylor Zelka '15
Michael Zollo '63
Stanley M. Zuba '82

The SUNY Oneonta Student Success Scholarship provides tuition assistance to full- or part-time undergraduate students who demonstrate a need for funding due to emergency or extenuating circumstances, like family or personal illness, financial struggles, and debt. By supporting this scholarship, you enable students to focus on their studies and complete their degrees despite facing unexpected obstacles.

Each year, SUNY Oneonta students and the Alumni Association rely on the generosity of alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends to provide flexible and immediate annual support through contributions to the Fund for Oneonta.

Gifts to the Fund for Oneonta support student scholarships, student-faculty research, library acquisitions, professional development and networking opportunities for alumni and students, programs that enhance the cultural and intellectual climate on campus, and events that connect alumni throughout the United States.

Fund for Oneonta gifts come in all sizes, and even a small gift to the Fund can pay big dividends. Your enthusiasm, demonstrated through your giving, sends an important message to others. And, it provides tremendous advantages to SUNY Oneonta students – advantages that will last a lifetime. Learn more about Fund for Oneonta.


SUNY Oneonta’s endowment, currently valued at over $62 million, is the largest endowment among peer SUNY institutions. The State University College at Oneonta Foundation is responsible for managing the endowment. Unrestricted funds account for about 20 percent of SUNY Oneonta’s endowment, are more flexible in nature, and are critical in supporting strategic Board designated initiatives, including faculty development, student and faculty research, scholarships, and internship support. Each year, a portion of the endowment income is paid out, while any appreciation in excess of this annual distribution is retained in the endowment so it can grow and support future generations. Last year, over $146,000 was distributed from the unrestricted endowment in support of the aforementioned initiatives.

If you are interested in establishing an endowed fund, please feel free to contact Ben Wendrow '08, Director of Development, at for more information.

The SUNY Oneonta Student Success Scholarship provides tuition assistance to full- or part-time undergraduate students who demonstrate a need for funding due to emergency or extenuating circumstances, like family or personal illness, financial struggles, and debt. By supporting this scholarship, you enable students to focus on their studies and complete their degrees despite facing unexpected obstacles.


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