Pilot Telecommuting Program

SUNY Oneonta’s Workplace Flexibility

The college supports telecommuting to provide flexibility for its workforce, and possible cost savings, a smaller carbon footprint and enhanced customer service for all college community constituents.

The SUNY Oneonta Pilot Telecommuting Program is in effect from October through June 30, 2022, but may be extended through mutual agreement among NYS, SUNY and the various collective bargaining units.

Participation in this pilot program is limited to those positions identified through a cabinet-level review as being eligible for telecommuting; individual employees holding those positions may submit applications for consideration according to the guidelines and requirements listed below. Positions with regular front-facing responsibilities will generally not be able to participate in this pilot program.


Employees who qualify for the Pilot Telecommuting Program will be notified via email from the Office of Human Resources; the email will provide direction on where to find the electronic application form and the steps for completion.

The following documents and presentations must be read or viewed prior to submitting an application:

  1. Telecommuting at SUNY Oneonta SWAY Presentation or Telecommuting at SUNY Oneonta Information Document
  2. SUNY’s Telecommuting Program
  3. SUNY Information Security Policy

Bi-weekly Reports

All telecommuting employees must submit a Telecommuting Program Biweekly Progress Report to their direct supervisor


Questions and Concerns can be addressed to the Office of Human Resources at Ext. 2518 or human.resources@oneonta.edu.

Approved Positions 2021

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