Retirement Education & Strategies

(Please note: benefits, vendors and resources are provided by New York State or SUNY System Administration or as negotiated with a union. SUNY Oneonta presents what is available and each employee needs to decide for him/herself which resources may be best suited for his/her needs.)

Whether you are 20-something or 80-something or anywhere in between, please reach out to our retirement vendor representatives for guidance during this tumultuous time and anytime hereafter. Their on-campus visits are cancelled for the remainder of the semester; however, they are all still available to respond to your phone calls and emails. Their contact information is shown below so please reach out to them.

AIG (formerly VALIC)
Taylor Jaquays
(315) 922 - 2379

Emilio LaPietra, CFP®
(518) 491- 3182

NYS Deferred Compensation Plan
Gene Nescot
(614 )854 - 4364

Rachel Fiedler CRPC®
(518) 786 - 5928

Stephen P. Donella, Jr., CFP
(315) 682 - 3532

Courtenay Tresco
(315) 682 - 3957

Depending on your age, you should contact Human Resources for guidance about saving for retirement, approximately, as follows:

Less than age 50 every 5 years

Age 50 – 55 every 1 – 3 years

Age 55 - 60 every 1 – 2 years

Age 60+ every 1 year

Go to Financial Education & Planning Tools on SUNY's Benefits webpage for a list of easily accessible resources.

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