Staffing and Compensation

Due to COVID-19 and more stringent spending requirements at each State agency, our Campus has developed the SUNY Oneonta Staffing and Compensation Request Form. This form is now a precursory step to our existing APP Form. A Staffing and Compensation Request Form will need to be completed prior to any hire and/or compensation request (i.e. Extra Service, Also Receives, etc.). The Staffing and Compensation Request Form will follow the same signature routing that our APP form does, inclusive of the Chair/Supervisor, Dean, VP/Cabinet Level Admin, Payroll, Budget, HR, Finance and lastly the President. Upon review of the Staffing and Compensation Request Form at Cabinet, the requesting Department will be notified of approval or non-approval by Human Resources. If approved, the requesting department must then generate and circulate an APP for signature/processing. Employment actions, including searches, will commence when a fully executed APP is received in the Human Resources Office.

Much like Vacancy Review, the Staffing and Compensation Request Form asks Departments to consider the overall impact their request has on the Campus: Health and Safety, Instruction and Research, the Student Facing Experience, Managerial/Operational impact, and whether it is Revenue Generating. The form also has text areas to include explanations of why/how the request is critical, what would occur if it weren’t granted, alternatives that could be explored, and any anticipated savings.

Workflow Process for Vacancy Review

This is a diagram that details the workflow for faculty requests.  Approval needed from chair, then dean, then provost.   Before the application is submitted to the committee the appropriate consultations should occur with HR/IT or Facilties and comments collected. Submit the application and all documents to the college budget committee which then  provides a recommendation to the president for final decision.

*If your request involves substantive changes to the position (change in title, salary level or grade, salary increase, length of obligation, changing departmental reporting lines, etc.). Please consult with HR prior to completing the staffing request form and circulating for signatures.

** Drop off forms at Netzer 213 or email to

SUNY campuses are required to document the justification for every hire. The following Staffing and Compensation Request Form will need to be submitted for review and approval prior to any potential hire/appointment and compensation request. This includes both PSR and Temp Service appointments/ payments. Please note, this form does not replace the APP. APP forms are to be completed and submitted only after approvals are obtained through this staffing and compensation request process.

Before requesting a vacancy backfill or additional compensation related to a vacancy, consider the following: Does the work done by the position need to continue at this time? Has the function changed? Review and consider potential realignment -Is there anyone else who can do the work or are there employees with existing skill sets who can fill the need? (Note that this should be done in consultation with the campus Human Resources office to avoid out-of-title work or illegal transfer of bargaining unit work).

  1. Complete sections 1- 5 entirely. Consult with HR for any proposed position changes or interim appointments. If you are uncertain of classification, title, salary, etc, please contact HR and/or Payroll for clarification.
  2. Begin circulating the Staffing and Compensation Request Form for signature, starting with the Cabinet-level administrator. Each area will forward these items on to the next, as appropriate. If submitting for Vacancy Review, the Staffing and Compensation Request Form must be received by the second Tuesday of each month for consideration.
  3. After review, copies of approved request forms will be forwarded to the Cabinet member and Department head, along with a fillable APP. At that point, a completed APP (with a copy of the approved staffing request) can be submitted to Payroll by the department as usual. (Please note: If this form was submitted and approved for a search, another staffing request form is not needed for the subsequent hire.)

*Questions on the newly designed SUNY Oneonta Staffing and Compensation Request Form can be directed to Human Resources, Budget and/or Payroll at their respective extensions. An electronic version of this form will be forthcoming.

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