Travel Appointments

The Student Health Center provides comprehensive travel health services to those students traveling abroad, whether you are going for a short trip for a class, a full semester or as an individual traveler. Our services include the following:

  • Country-by-country analysis of your itinerary, anticipated activities, and review of previous immunizations to develop an individualized plan.
  • All travel related immunization recommendations.
  • Available immunizations at a nominal cost include; Hepatitis A, Yellow Fever, Tetanus and Typhoid vaccine prescription.
  • Advice on malaria prophylaxis and options for anti-malaria medications.
  • Information and medication to help prevent and/or treat illness and injury, such as traveler's diarrhea and acute mountain sickness (AMS).
  • International Certificate of Vaccination as approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) and is a designated yellow fever center.

Pre-travel Consultations

We recommend scheduling an initial travel consultation at least 6-8 weeks before departure. However, we will meet your travel health needs as completely as the time we have allows. You will have a physical exam and discussion regarding such recommendations as immunization, malaria prophylaxis and other travel advice from the State Department.

  • Please call (607) 436-3573 to schedule a travel appointment.
  • You can start this process by reading the CDCs recommendations on the country you are visiting at the link below.

Travel Vaccines

During your appointment, you and the provider will discuss the vaccines to consider based on your itinerary. He or she will outline country-specific risks and precautions, answer any remaining questions you have about staying healthy while traveling, and administer vaccines should you choose to get them. 
The following links include information on specific travel related illnesses, prevention, and available vaccines. The following are available at the Student Health Center.

The following links describe more potential illnesses that you may be exposed to during your travel abroad. A description of the illness, preventive measures, and vaccines used to prevent the illnesses are described below.

Some of the immunizations may be recommended based on your travel itinerary but are not available at the Student Health Center such as Hepatitis B, Meningitis and Polio. You have most likely already received these immunizations in childhood. If you have not, they may be obtained in your primary care provider's office, and some are available at Otsego County Public Health.. The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine will require an appointment at a specialized travel clinic such as at Bassett Healthcare 607 433-1790.

Travelers' Health at CDC

All student information held at the Health and Wellness Center is strictly confidential, and will not be released without written or phone consent by the student. This includes inquiries from parents, private health care providers, professors, and other students. Students under 18 year of age must have parental permission to be seen and treated at the Health and Wellness Center, with the exception of emergency situations, emancipated minors, or reproductive health issues.


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