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Electrofishing Boat Supports Biology Research

Students and faculty at SUNY Oneonta’s Biological Field Station on Otsego Lake in Cooperstown are excited about a new, state-of-the-art piece of equipment that will allow them to significantly expand their research and increase efficiency.

Tools for Teachers

SUNY Oneonta has received a $350,000 National Science Foundation grant to develop teaching tools that will help K-12 students to better visualize and understand Earth science concepts.

Education Programs Among Best in Nation

SUNY Oneonta’s undergraduate programs preparing future teachers are nationally ranked for quality and value.

Archeology Field School

Eight SUNY Oneonta students participating in the Pine Lake Archaeological Field School this summer are seeing firsthand what it would be like to work as archeologists. And they’re digging it.

Summer Courses Abroad

When students study at SUNY Oneonta, their summer breaks tend to be anything but ordinary.


"I’ve always loved animals. I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and fell in love with the field pretty early on. I want to work with big, exotic animals in a zoo. But I also have learned here at SUNY Oneonta that I enjoy the research side of things, too, so maybe I’ll do a combination of the two."
Faculty and Staff
Two things you need to know about Jacqueline Bennett: she hates waiting for things to boil, and she’s fascinated by things that glow.
"When I came here, I thought I wanted to be a designer for men’s suits, but I discovered a real passion for the outdoors. I got a job over the summer at a Boy Scout camp in New Mexico and found that I loved working with outdoor gear. Now, I want to open my own store selling outdoor gear in the Midwest."
"I’ve been doing live sound ever since middle school, so I was looking for a major that would allow me to pursue that live music experience while also learning the business side of the industry. When I came here, the staff really helped me out with learning how the studio works and how to record music."
"For me, a lot of wanting to study dietetics stemmed from dancing and properly feeding myself to have the best performance. In addition, a lot of my family members had health issues growing up, so seeing how food impacted them really sparked my interest. And I’ve always been a big science nerd."
"One of my best experiences so far was getting to travel to New Orleans in February with a class for the wetlands restoration trip. We spent a week in the wetlands, being immersed in the culture there. It was an incredible time with even better people--an experience I surely won’t forget. I am returning next year to be a TA on the trip."
"I was the type of kid that didn’t play with Barbies. I played weather station, and set up a whole news station in my bedroom. When I saw that, if I came here, I could make that come to life, I knew this was the right place for me."
"Coming in with the mindset to get involved early as a freshman and sophomore and step out of your comfort zone is really important. I really pushed myself to join new clubs, and that led to more than I could have ever imagined. The community here is really great."
"Becoming an RA was really great. Before that, even though I wanted to step out of my comfort zone, my friend circle was only international students, with a few American students."
"I’ve wanted to be a pediatrician for as long as I can remember. Medicine is the only career where I can integrate my love for science and discovery and problem-solving with social interaction."
Faculty and Staff
The thing you can’t miss about Tracy Allen is his passion--for traveling, mentoring, adventure, and the natural world.
"I studied abroad in Ireland, which was absolutely one of the coolest, best experiences I’ve ever had. I met lifetime friends and found out more about myself in those six months than I think I ever have."

Fast Facts

Average Class Size
Average Class Size
24 students
Excluding internships, independent studies, practicums
and partial-term courses
of the 2015 freshman class returned in 2016
Student to Faculty Ratio
Student/Faculty Ratio
18:1 students per one faculty
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