Computer Specifications

SUNY Oneonta is among the most wired colleges in the country. Our educational resources incorporate significant use of computer technology. In order for students to fully take advantage of all of our technological resources, we recommend that the computer you bring to campus meet or exceed recommended specifications regarding speed, storage space, memory, and applications. Listed below are recommended computer specifications for computer systems, and some applications we recommend the computer to have.

New Desktop PC

New Laptop PC

New Mac Desktop

New Mac Laptop

Operating System

Windows 10

Windows 10

OS X 10.13

OS X 10.13


Intel® Core™ i5

Intel® Core™ i5

Intel Core i5

Intel Core i5






Hard Drive

1 TB

1 TB *

1 TB

1 TB *

* Some laptops offer optional solid state storage (no moving parts, like a flash drive ) instead of a hard drive. If you choose Solid State storage, we recommend at least 256 GB.

Warranty: 1 Year warranty come standard on most computer purchases. We recommend extending that to 3 years.

Wireless: In order to connect to the college's wireless network, your wireless device must support 802.11B, 802.11G, or 802.11N. All current laptops connect to the internet wirelessly. If buying a desktop, please make sure the computer has this capability.

DVD Burner: DVD burners are no longer included with every new computer. Please be sure to specify at least a 16X DVD burner if you wish to include one. Some ultrabook laptops are too thin to accommodate a burner. Please check the computer's specifications when purchasing.

External Storage: USB Drive/External Hard Drive for larger projects. We recommend at least a 500 GB external hard drive.

Printers: Printing is available on campus so a printer is not necessary.

Software: Microsoft Office 365 is available free for students.

Educational discounts on computers and software are available through Dell, HP and Apple.


Please choose one of the four models listed below. All computers will be equipped with the appropriate version of Microsoft Office, MS Anti-Virus, and other standard software. The system will be part of the Unified Desktop program to provide automatic upgrades of anti-virus software and Windows patches. These configurations are subject to change contingent upon funding.

Dell Optiplex
Intel Core i-5, Windows 10 Professional
8 GB memory
2 GB or better graphics card
250 GB PCI-e SSD Drive
Dell 22 inch Wide Screen Monitor
3 Year Limited Warranty
Second Dell 22 inch Monitor (Optional)

Dell Latitude
Intel Core i5, Windows 10 Professional
14 inch Wide Screen display
8 GB memory
256 GB SSD Hard Drive
4 Cell Primary Battery
USB-C Multiport Adapter
Carrying Case
3 Year Limited Warranty
Dual - Dell 22 inch Monitor (Optional)

Apple iMac
iMac 21.5 inch Quad-Core Intel Core i5
8 GB memory
1TB Fusion Hard Drive
Radeon Pro Graphics
USB-C Multiport Adapter
Apple Keyboard
Apple Mouse
AppleCare Protection Plan

Apple MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook Pro 13" Intel Dual-Core i5
256 GB Flash Storage Drive
8 GB memory
USB-C Multiport Adapter
AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook

For questions contact the IT Service Desk at (607) 436-4567.

This program is Contingent upon Funding

Purpose: The mission of the Faculty Computer Purchase Program is to provide up-to-date computers for faculty.


1. Faculty who received a new computer within the last three years will not be eligible unless extraordinary needs can be demonstrated. Priority is given to faculty with outdated systems, whose computers are clearly no longer adequate to the tasks they are expected to perform. Faculty may decline or postpone their acceptance of a new computer without forfeiting their eligibility status.

Faculty will surrender their old machine after data has been transferred to the new machine.

2. If a standard computer is requested, faculty can simply choose one of the four recommended configurations and email their choice to Steven Maniscalco at

3. A few faculty may have needs beyond a standard machine. If so, please provide a detailed justification. Approximate costs of adding items to the basic configuration should be determined and included

See Application Process for a Non-Standard FCPP Computer below.

4. Inkjet printers and personal laser printers will not be considered for funding through this program.

5. Full-time and tenure-track or tenured faculty have priority in allocating new computers under this program. Others with special needs will be considered.

The Educational Technology Committee will review submitted proposals and make recommendations to the Chief Information Officer, who will then make the final decisions. Computers will be delivered as arranged with the recipient.

To apply for computers or peripherals different than the STANDARD COMPUTER, SUBMIT A PROPOSAL WITH THE INFORMATION BELOW TO: Steven Maniscalco via email at

Application Process for a Non-Standard FCPP Computer

The proposal for a non-standard computer shall include the following information:

1. Name
2. Academic Rank and Department
3. Campus Address
4. Campus Telephone
5. Email address
6. Provide details of the desired computer and what your needs are that will not be met by the STANDARD COMPUTER. If you need advice about computer specifications consult with Rita Hitchcock at x3080 or
7. Computer you are replacing: Indicate the type, model, and approximate age.
8. Detailed proposal: Describe how the computer will be used to enhance your teaching and professional work at the College. (Please limit the narrative to one page, in addition to the information requested above.) As noted above, the quality and substance of the proposal shall be the key to deciding to whom the computers are awarded.
9. Justification of non-standard system or upgraded components. We can increase our buying power and upgrade computers for more faculty, if most requests are for one of the standard systems. Realizing that one-size may not quite fit all, we will evaluate requests for computers with additional components. On a separate page, please provide a detailed list of components that are essential to your use of the computer, but are not included in the standard system, as well as a justification for the items. As best you can, provide an itemized list of the additional costs that would be incurred by these components.
10. Signature of the department chairperson (for informational purposes only). The chairperson may wish to add comments regarding the importance of the requested machine to the department’s programs. If several faculty in a department are submitting a request, a letter from the chairperson covering all of the requests may be submitted.
11. E-mail the above information to

Note: Faculty will surrender their old machine after data has been transferred to the new machine.

For More Information
For more information about the Faculty Computer Purchase Program contact the Chair of the ETC, Anita Levine -

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