Fall Champions & Runner-Ups

Fall 2019

Co Rec Softball Champions

Co Rec Softball Runner Up


Black Storm Wins Fall Football Championship

Fall Intramurals


Creamcheese - Football Runner Up



Back to Back Champs.com Earn Co Rec Soccer Honors



Hangover 96 New Men's Soccer Champs



Debt Collector - Co-Rec Soccer Runner Up



French Toast Mafia - Men Soccer Runner Up



​​​​​​Blockbusters Grab A League Championship

Volleyball A League Champs

We Got It Next Time Wins Volleyball B League Title

Volleyball B League Champs

Offsets - Volleyball A League Runner Up

Volleyball A League Runner Up


Empire Spikes Back - Volleyball B League Runner Up

Volleyball B League Runner Up

Rough Sets Prevail For Wallyball Championship

Wallball Champs


Shooter's Burger - Wallyball Runner Up

Wallyball Runner Up


Big Girls Don't Kwahi Takes A League Title

A League Champs


Hawk Em Wins B League Championship

B League Champs


Rim J New Co Rec Champions

5 on 5 CR Champs


Flint Tropics -A League Runner Up

5 on 5 A Runner Up


Creamcheese - B League Runner Up

B League Runner Up


Wurtz World- Co Rec Runner Up

Co Rec Runner Up
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