Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR)

Guidelines for assessing courses for AWR designation

When assessing courses for designation as Advanced Writing Requirement (AWR), the committee will apply the following guidelines:

  1. All AWR courses must require COMP 100 as a prerequisite.
  2. An AWR course may approach writing instruction in either of two ways:
    1. Approach 1: General Writing Skills supporting further development of the writing skills introduced in COMP 100, with emphasis on strategies for expository writing, or argumentative writing, or research-based writing.
    2. Approach 2: Writing Conventions of a Field of Study with emphasis on strategies for technical writing, or professional writing, or discipline-specific writing.
  3. An AWR course must provide explicit instruction in writing, not just include writing assignments as a means of assessing students’ content knowledge. This instruction might include how to write a thesis, how to structure an essay, how to incorporate source material or evidence, how to analyze source material, how to employ the academic voice and discourse appropriate for the discipline, and/or how to improve grammar and mechanics to achieve clear communication.
  4. An AWR course must provide opportunities for students to revise their writing in response to instructor and (if desired by the professor) peer feedback. The revision component does not require professors to collect and comment on complete drafts (though they may). Thesis workshops, or reviews of outlines, bibliographies, or partial drafts (for example) are considerably more efficient for professors, while remaining of great benefit to students.
  5. Since the AWR is designed to help students develop writing skills that will support them throughout their college studies, the AWR should be taken as early as possible (after COMP 100) in the student’s undergraduate career. Therefore, approval of senior seminars and other capstone courses will require compelling justification for AWR designation.
  6. To facilitate writing instruction, AWR courses should have low enrollment caps (ideally no more than 20 students per section).

Revised 5/1/18

How to submit a course for AWR designation

  1. Log into Curriculog (through myOneonta or the login link at
  2. Click on New Proposal > New Course (Undergraduate) or New Proposal > Course Change (Undergraduate)
  3. Complete all questions and upload the course syllabus and any other supplemental documents using the "files" button in Curriculog (located on the toolbar, top of the right page of the proposal form).
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