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Table Rock Hike
Table Rock Hike
Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Induction Ceremony
Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE) Induction Ceremony
Terrence Parker Memorial Tournament 2018
Terrence Parker Memorial Tournament 2018

S.O.A.L. Mission Statement

S.O.A.L. Group

We, the members of the Student Opportunities and Leadership Committee, believe that cultural, recreational, artistic, and educational outings are an integral part of a liberal arts education.  It is vital to expose students to things outside their individual frames of reference in order to promote personal growth and understanding in a global society.  Retention rates are favorably affected when students are involved in extracurricular activities and are given the opportunity to bond with both staff and peers.  It is our goal to seek new experiences and opportunities to offer to our students and to provide them with the tools to contribute to an ever-changing world.

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A Message from the S.O.A.L. Advisors

As advisors of the S.O.A.L. Group, we look forward to working with the AOP Ambassadors and all members to present events, workshops, and social activities designed to foster the academic, social and cultural growth of all AOP students.  The S.O.A.L. Group is most successful when students actively participate.  Bring your ideas and suggestions to the Freshman Class Officers or come to our meetings every other Thursday, 2:30pm in the AOP Office, Alumni Hall 116.  Contact Larissa Wormsby or Bryce Wooden for dates or more information.


Section 1.       The name of the organization shall be the Student Opportunities and Leadership Group.

Section 1.       The purpose of this organization is to develop and implement activities for all EOP students throughout the
academic year.
Section 2.       The planned activities are to be social, educational and/or cultural.
Section 3.       The organization shall take an active part in the disbursement of funds, through a majority vote of the members.
Section 4.       The organization shall discuss any concerns of EOP students regarding activities.

Section 1.       The minimum requirements for holding office on the Student Opportunities Committee are:
                                    A)  Must be a freshman EOP student and in good academic standing
                                                As defined by SUNY Oneonta.
                                    B)  If a member can document extenuating circumstances to their EOP
                                                Counselor for their declining academic standing, the member’s
                                                Position will be reviewed by the executive board as to whether
                                                he/she will continue.

Section 1.       The executive board shall be elected within the EOP Summer Academy of that year.
Section 2.       All officers shall be elected annually by secret ballot.  The officer voted in with a majority of the voters from freshmen EOP students present at the meeting will win candidacy.  Fifty-one percent (51%) of membership is required for the purpose of conducting business.

Section 1.       The President:
                                    A)  Shall find and propose activities for all EOP students.
                                    B)  Shall promote communication among all EOP students.
                                    C)  Shall have the power to delegate duties to other officers when necessary.
                                    D)  Shall prepare the agenda for the meetings.
                                    E)  Shall preside at all meetings of the committee.

Section 2.       The Vice President:
                                    A)  Shall assist the president on all committee business.
                                    B)  Shall take the place of the president whenever he/she is unable to fulfill the duties of the office.
                                    C)  Shall coordinate and propose activities for all EOP students.
                                    D)  Accompany the president in college activities where the committee needs to be represented.
                                    E)  Shall regularly attend committee meetings.

Section 3.       The Secretary:
                                    A)  Shall record minutes for each meeting.
                                    B)  Shall provide the minutes to all board members and EOP staff.
                                    C)  Shall create an end-year report on all the activities, including volunteer hours student opportunities committee has provided to the community.
                                    D)  Shall send end of the year report to EOP as required.
                                    E)  Shall regularly attend committee meetings.

Section 4.       Public Relations:
                                    A)  Shall handle all correspondence to and from outside organizations.
                                    B)  Shall coordinate the group’s social events along with the vice president.
                                    C)  Shall publicize activities among all EOP students and staff.
                                    D)  Shall design posters, flyers, etc. for events (with EOP secretaries assistance).
                                    E)  Shall regularly attend committee meetings.

Section 1.
                           A)  The committee shall be advised by the EOP counseling staff, the EOP Director, and the EOP Associate Director.
                                    B)  Will work with the committee to coordinate events that are planned.

Section 1.
                                    A)  All finances shall be raised from fundraisers throughout the academic year.
                                    B)  All finances collected shall be used to coordinate activities for all EOP students.
                                    C)  Finances shall be handled by committee advisors.

Section 1.       Amendments to this constitution may be adopted at any time with a two-thirds vote of the executive board.

Section 1.       Officers may be removed from their position on the student opportunities committee with a majority vote of the members and advisors of the committee. After this process, an election will be held as soon as possible.

Section 1.       This constitution shall go into effect immediately following a two-thirds vote.
Section 2.       Copies of this constitution will be distributed to the following:
                                    A)  Student Opportunities Committee advisors and executive board each year.
                                    B)  EOP office in Alumni Hall and Netzer Administration.

Constitution last revised:  Spring 2005



Yahayra Pallo (YaYa) Colon

"My definition of hustling:  wake up early.  Drink coffee.  Work hard.  Be ambitious.  Keep your priorities straight, your mind right and your head up.  Do well, live well and dress very well.  Do what you love, love what you do.  It is time to start living."



Vice President

Erikah Vilceus

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

~Milton Berle



Public Relations

Quetcy Betancourt



We have great events planned and we want to make sure that you enjoy all the programming that S.O.A.L. has to offer. If you have a suggestion for a fundraising or educational/cultural event, please email your suggestions to or or attend our biweekly meetings.

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