Chi Alpha Epsilon

Chi Alpha Epsilon

Chi Alpha Epsilon (XAE), was founded at West Chester University in Pennsylvania in 1990. Our local Beta Eta Chapter was chartered in February 2001.

XAE is a National Honor Society dedicated to the promotion of continued high academic standards.

XAE recognizes the academic achievements of students admitted to colleges and universities through non-traditional criteria.


Chi Alpha Epsilon
Induction Ceremonies are held in the Craven Lounge of the Morris Conference Center.


Membership is reserved for students who hold a 3.0 cumulative G.P.A. for two consecutive full-time (12 semester hours or more) semesters, and have been admitted to college through an opportunity-type program. Additionally, alumni who graduate with a 3.0 or better cumulative G.P.A. are eligible.

For more information, access the home page.

Current XAE Members:

Dovonne Adams*
Erika Aguilera
Juan Aguilera-Castro*
Kelsey Almonte
Daisy Antonio Castellanos
Odalis Barzallo
Irene Bautista
James Bethel*
Jasmine Brabham*
Alan Cazarin
Vanessa Cruz*
Michael Cruz-Gonzalez
Elenita Feria-Ortiz*
Zachary Gagnon*
Tiaria Gaines
Diana Garcia
Yulissa Gomez
Teresa Gonzalez*
Channelta Green*
Yasmine Guidi
Arene Holston*
Abdourahman Jallow
Helen Judge*
Rubi Luna Mondragon
Katherine Martinez
Shemara McCaw
Diego Mendoza Romero*
Derrick Mensah*
Roselkis Morla Adames*
Arlene Paez*
Yahayra Pallo Colon
Wensnel Pierre
Krystal Piucci
Arlyn Rivera
Rosario Rodriguez
Cecille Ruiz*
Rebeca Sanchez Celaya
Diana Serrano*
Nakida Taylor*
Anacia Wilburn

* Denotes Fall 2018 New Inductees

Jewel Recognition

DIAMOND (semester gpa 4.0)
Dina Atwa, Rosario Rodriguez
EMERALD (semester gpa 3.75+)
Odalis Barzallo, Irene Bautista, Stephanie Pena, Krystal Piucci, Natalie Reyes, Arlyn Rivera, Dariel Santana
RUBY (semester gpa 3.5 - 3.74)
Kelsey Almonte, Karlyssa Dejesus, Abdourahman Jallow, Tiaria Gaines, Catherine LoDolce, Estefania Torijano

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