The Potty Press

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The Potty Press is probably one of the most well-known initiatives of CHOICES & The Office of Health Education.

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2016-2017 Issues

Issue 1-Tips for Success

2015-2016 Issues

coming soon

2014-2015 Issues

Issue 1-New Habits, Community Safety

Issue 2-Consent, The Clery Act

Issue 3-Senioritis, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Online Health Center Appointment Scheduling

Issue 4-What's your P.L.A.N. for a safe night out?

Issue 5-Your role in making the community safe

2013-2014 Issues

Issue 1-Do You Know What to Do?

Issue 2-Sleep, Fitness, Meditation & Trans Ally 101

Click on the links for Issue 2 resources-SleepFitnessMeditation & Trans Ally

Issue 3-The Communal Bathroom Code, Keeping the Cold & Flu Away, Hygiene

Issue 4-Make Your New Year's Resolution More Healthy

Issue 5-Seasonal Affective Disorder, Napping & Masturbation

Issue 6-Spring into Good Nutrition

2012-2013 Issues

Issue 1-6 Rules for Staying Healthy at College

Issue 2-Melatonin, Juice, Health Habits, Safe Sex

Issue 3-Safe Drinking, Cold & Flu Prevention, Ditch the Diet Resolution & Room Sanitization

Issue 4-Herpes, Alcohol & Sexual Response, Are Your Relationships Healthy?

Issue 5-Reading Nutrition Labels

Issue 6-How to Tell Someone You Like Them, How to Let Someone Down If You Don't Like Them, Violence Prevention That Anyone Can Do

Issue 7- Concentration Problems, Stress Relief, Tips for Better Sleep and Eating During Stressful Times

2011-2012 Issues

Issue 1a-Freshman Edition, Welcome to The Potty Press, Important Phone Numbers, Learning Your Way Around, Preventing Sexual Assault, and Tips from Upperclassman

Issue 1b-Upperclassman Edition, Goodbye myPyramid, Hello myPlate, Test Yourself: First Aid, and Phone Addiction

Issue 2-Condoms, Facebook & Relationships, Nutrition Myth & Fact

Issue 3-Addiction, Caffeine & Alcohol, How Alcohol Affects Your Body

Issue 4-Tobacco & Your Skin, Cancers That Affect Men & Women

Issue 5-Pubic Hair Shaving, New Foods to Try, How Men & Women Perceive Sexual Attraction

Issue 6-Being Prepared for Getting a Cold, Cold vs. Flu Symptoms, The Pyramid of Violence-(quiz)

Issue 7-Harm Reduction, Staying Safe on Vacation, Acne (quiz)

Issue 8-Thinspo, Skin Cancer and Staying Hydrated (quiz )

Issue 9-Stress Reducing Tips, Condom Science

2010-2011 Issues

Issue 1-Dangers of Crash Dieting, Nature Deficit Disorder, and Organ Donation

Issue 2-Building a Healthy Vocabulary, Sunscreen Won't Prevent the Burn Down There, Feeling Teary Eyed?, and Helping a Friend

Issue 3

Issue 4-Stroke 101, Ready to Celebrate Healthy Weight Week?, and Antibiotics: You May Need a Pill For That

Issue 5-Keeping Your Genitals in Working Order, Losing the 3 Ds: Dieting, Drive for Thiness & Body Dissatisfaction, and Some Things You Might Find Interesting


Office of Health Education
Counseling, Health, & Wellness Center
Room 110 
(607) 436-3540

Rebecca Harrington 
Health Educator