SUNY Oneonta's New Mission

Shared May 7, 2019 via campus-wide email

What began as a listening tour late in the summer of 2018 gave way to hackathons in spring 2019 that informed a new mission statement for SUNY Oneonta. Each step of the way, I have heard and seen great enthusiasm from every corner of campus. At all of the more than 60 stops on my tour, I learned more and more about the strengths of the college and our drive to be an exemplary residential campus.

From the library to the residence halls and from the union to the heating plant, we are all in for our students and doing whatever we can do to ensure their success. This profound ethic of care is universal at SUNY Oneonta and on display day after day.

We care deeply about inclusion and want to make sure that everyone feels welcome here. We are committed to serving others and seeking ways to make a difference in their lives. We have a passion for sustainability that shapes our approach to financial and environmental issues and guides us toward personal meaning.

I think the listening tour and the 10 hackathons it inspired have, in a sense, allowed us to rediscover SUNY Oneonta. Being a part of that process has been exciting. Not only did I gain perspective about who we are, I now better understand the full measure of all we do. To reflect the breadth of our efforts and impacts, I am thrilled to announce SUNY Oneonta's new mission statement.

We nurture a community where students grow intellectually, thrive socially and live purposefully.

Thanks to all who met with me “on tour,” participated in a hackathon or cast a ballot in the mission vote. I have enjoyed every step in the journey toward this moment, and I look forward to our work developing a vision and strategic goals around these values and new mission.

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