Academic Updates

This page reports the changes approved within the division of academic affairs. The information provides students with greater transparency and tracking of changes in academic policies, program requirements, and other related topics.

New Fall 2018

Curriculum Changes

  • B.A. - Sociology - program update
  • B.S. - Statistics - now offering two tracks: "Standard Track" and "Actuarial Science Track"
  • M.S. - Nutrition Dietetics - program update
  • B.S. - Mass Communications renamed Media Studies
  • B.S. - Media Studies - program update
  • B.S. - Political Science - program update
  • B.A. - Anthropology - program update
  • Minor - Mathematics - program update
  • Minor - Computer Science - program update
  • Minor - Women and Gender Studies - program update
  • B.S. - Biology - program update
  • B.S./M.S. - Biology - program update
  • B.S. - Business Economics, Finance Concentration - program update
  • B.S. - Environmental Sustainability - program update
  • B.S. - Geology - program update and licensure-qualifying status added.
  • B.S. - International Development Studies - program update
  • B.S. - Criminal Justice - program update


  • The graduation honors policy has been updated.  To become eligible for honors designations at graduation, SUNY Oneonta students must complete 45 A-E graded semester credit hours in residency and earn a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher.
  • Students The Office of Communications has changed its name to Office of Communication and Marketing.
  • International Education has moved to Academic Affairs.
  • CADE and Accessibility Resources have merged into The Student Learning Center.
  • Maximum credits students can take during a specific term has changed.
  • Post-matriculation transfer credit minimum grade required has changed from "C" to "D-."
  • Graduate student academic retention standards revised.
  • Graduate student incomplete policy revised.
  • B.S. in Geology was approved as a licensure-qualifying program.
  • The Academic Grievance Policy has been updated.
Discontinuance of Programs
Column 1 Column 2

B.A. Mass Communications

B.A. Geography
B.A. Gerontology B.A. Statistics
B.A. Political Science B.A. Mathematics
B.A. Physics B.A. Theater
B.A. Computer Art B.A. Art
B.A. Psychology B.S. Sociology
B.S. French B.S. Spanish
B.S. English B.S. Philosophy
B.S. Art CERT in Adolescence Education: Spanish
Concentration in pre-nursing CERT in Adolescence Education: French
Minor - Advertising Minor - Business Communication
Minor - Documentary Studies Minor - Film
Minor - Journalism Minor - Mass Communications
Minor - Public Relations  

Fall 2019

New Programs

  • B.S. - Exercise Science
  • B.S. - Women's and Gender Studies
  • B.F.A. - Art and Design
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