Spring 2020 Account Adjustments and Credit Balance Options

Spring student bills have been revised to reflect COVID-19-related adjustments. View your revised bill by logging into myOneonta, selecting “student bill,” then selecting the spring 2020 term.

Please read the following FAQs carefully for further details about account adjustments and credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Room – 50% adjustment for students in campus residence halls who did not return as a resident after March 6.

Dining – up to 50% adjustment for students who left campus on March 6. The adjusted amount will vary by student, based on the portion of retail dollars used through March 6.

Comprehensive Student Fee – this fee is composed of several individual fees, some of which are adjusted to the extent services/programs were unavailable because of the shift to remote learning.

  • Most full-time, undergraduate students received an adjustment of approximately $150. Student teachers, part-time students, graduate students and others are exempt from some fees and, therefore, did not receive adjustments for all fees.

Course Fees – 50% adjustment for fees associated with designated courses.

Parking – 25% of annual student parking fee or 50% of spring only parking fee. The $30 registration fee included in the parking fee is not refundable.

No. Instruction continued through the end of the spring semester.

Tuition adjustments/refunds are governed by New York State regulation (8 NYCRR 302) and the State University of New York refund policy (SUNY Policy No. 7301) and are only issued in accordance with such rules.

Dragon Dollars will roll over to Fall 2020 semester. Those students who graduated were automatically issued a refund. Any other student who would prefer a refund can contact OAS at OAS@oneonta.edu.

Contact OAS at OAS@oneonta.edu for information pertaining to these accounts.

Yes. Your Comprehensive Student Fee and Course Fees (if applicable) have been adjusted. If you returned to campus and later decided to leave, your room and dining charges were adjusted to reflect the date you left campus. The date of removal of personal belongings from your dorm room did not affect the date for credit calculations.

Room – No. You received a full room waiver at the beginning of the semester which reduced your room charge to zero for the term. Although your bill reflects a room adjustment, your RA room waiver was also adjusted to keep your net room charge at zero.

Dining – Yes. The balance of your dining charge remaining after your dining waiver has been adjusted up to 50%, depending on the portion of retail dollars used through March 6.

No. The adjustments to spring charges will not affect your financial aid

Refunds have been issued. Please contact Student Accounts @ studentaccts@oneonta.edu if you have not received your refund.

Federal PLUS (parent) loan refunds were issued to the spring parent borrower.

All other refunds, regardless of payment type, were issued to the student.

Questions? Contact Student Accounts at StudentAccts@oneonta.edu or 607-436-3389

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