Exchange/Visiting Students

Applicants must first be nominated by their home campus’ international office and then complete the 

Students must send the completed application and supporting documents as listed on the application form to SUNY Oneonta OIE (Office of International Education).

Application Fee

Exchange and visiting students pay no application fee but must meet admission standards under the respective exchange program agreement. 

Application Deadline

  • Fall semester admission: May 15th
  • Spring semester admission: November 15th

Students are encouraged to apply early by consulting with the coordinator at home institution about the internal deadline.

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Course Posting

Course listings are normally posted online in March for the following fall semester, and in October for the following spring semester. Not all courses are offered every semester, so students must review the online course list of the semester that they plan to enroll.

Course Registration

  • Exchange students will be registered after arriving on campus during the Orientation
  • Course registration is prioritized by major and student status (senior, junior, sophomore, and new students). Not all courses will be available by the time of registration. So please select a combination of 10 major and non-major, 100 and higher level courses as some courses will be closed by the time Orientation starts. Some 200 and 300 level courses including Capstone courses may be restricted by majors only.
  • F-1 students must register for a minimum of 12 credits.
  • New international students are required to take the English language placement tests. Some students may be required to take the ESL classes based on the test results.

Search for Courses

  • Select the term under “Search by Term,” then click Submit
  • Select a subject then click on Class Search. You will see a list of courses.
  • A sample course display in Music:
Webservices Screen capture
  • Click on the CRN number to view more details about the course
  • Click on the course title to see if there are any Prerequisite requirements. *Students must meet the prerequisites in order to take the course.