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Time Requirements: Class Time & Lab Time (1200 Minutes)

Time Requirements for Class Time and Lab Time in Addition to Class Time for Science Courses

This information was originally posted on the OPHUN-L Listserv for Physics Teachers by Mike Herzog

Commissioner's Regulations (Part 100), July 2000 edition:

Page 1:

Section 100.1, (1), (a): "Unit of study means at least 180 minutes of instruction per week throughout the school year, or the equivalent."

Page 64:

Section 100.5, (b), (7), (iv), (d): "...In order to qualify to take a Regents examination in any of the sciences a student must complete 1200 minutes of actual hands-on (not simulated) laboratory experience with satisfactory documented laboratory reports. The 1200 minutes of laboratory experience must be in addition to the required classroom instruction associated with earning a unit of credit."

View the Commissioner's Regulations.

How to get copies of the Reference Tables

Send a FAX to (518) 474-1989. Include your subject area, quantity of Reference Tables desired, your name or that of another contact person and your school address. It couldn't hurt if the FAX was on school letterhead.

Address/Phone with Certification Questions

Office of Teaching Initiatives
New York State Education Department
5N Education Building
Albany, New York 12234

Certification Unit Telephone Number
(518) 474-3901

Telephone Hours
Customer Service Representatives are available weekdays 9:00-11:30 a.m. & 1:30-4:30 p.m. EST, except Wednesday.

The automated call attendant is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Using the automated system you may request:

  1. Certificate application materials
    Information on your application for a certificate based upon completion of a teacher education program
  2. Information on your New York City temporary license
    After 4:30p.m. daily you may listen to detailed messages on the following:
  3. Application Procedure
    Testing Requirement, Child Abuse Identification Requirement, Student Teaching Practicum or Internship Requirement
  4. Certification Regulations

Relay Center Telephone Number for the Deaf in New York State 1 (800) 421-1220 (TTY)
Nationwide AT&T Relay Operator for the Deaf 1 (800) 855-2880 (TTY)

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