Alexia Smith

Alexia Smith
Bellmore, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I chose SUNY Oneonta after sitting in on an Anatomy and Physiology class here. The professor asked a question, and a student raised their hand, and the professor called them by their name. That was a very pivotal moment for me and very different from other schools I was looking at. I knew that, if I came here, I would be more than just a number. And I’ve found that to be true. I can sit in a professor’s office and have a conversation with them or ask them to write a letter of recommendation for me. It’s the most amazing thing to have that close relationship.

My Activities

Biology club, Pre-Health club, Terpsichorean Dance Company, assistant vice president of philanthropy for Sigma Delta Tau, Teaching Assistant, Biology Honor Society, Orientation Leader, Hillel, Hall Government

Best Experiences

I tutor a lot on campus. One of my students texted me and got almost a 100 on their chemistry test. Tutoring is a two-way street - it’s them working and me helping and guiding them. I think I tutored them for five or six hours that night until 11 p.m. or midnight, and I was so tired the next morning, but to get that text was just so rewarding and huge.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I live in a suite right now. Having all my friends come over and having that community is so great. We’re all laughing together, watching TV together at 12 at night. It’s just so great to have your friends right there – a constant support system. I’m a people person, so that’s when I have the most fun.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I want to be a physician assistant because it lets you do a little bit of everything and you can be flexible with your schedule. I also love kids and would love to work with them.

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