Alisha Williams

Alisha Williams
Schenectady, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The location was perfect for me. It’s pretty close to home, so I knew I wouldn't be too far away from my family. When I came to campus, I didn’t do an actual tour, I just kind of did a drive-through after going on a tour of a different school. But, just driving through, I liked it better than the other schools I had seen. I held off on picking a school to the last possible minute until I heard from SUNY Oneonta. I was so excited when I heard back, I was like “I’m really going!”

My Activities

Psychology Club, Psi Chi, Association for Childhood Education

Best Experiences

Meeting people, like my friends. I was in a triple my freshman year, and I ended up clicking with one of them instantly. The fact that she and I have such a good relationship and I didn’t choose her to room with is pretty amazing. But, yeah, everyone on my floor and in the whole building were very nice. My RAs were very supportive. I actually had to leave for a semester, and I came back and everyone was so excited to see me. My RD was so excited that she offered to come pick me up at the bus station when I was on my way back. Everyone’s so friendly.

About My Major

I like how my adviser was a teacher I had, so if I had a question about something, I could just ask him in class, I didn't have to set up a formal meeting about it. The faculty and staff here are very understanding. My freshman year, I was late doing the pre-registration for classes for the next semester and I didn't realize I was late, but they helped me do it and get registered for classes.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I think just my time here, in general. I remember everything that's ever happened to me since I got here and every person I've met. It's a memorable place.

Plans, Goals, Dreams:

I want to be an occupational therapist for a preschool.

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