Amani Johnson

Amani Johnson
Syracuse, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

So I went to two other colleges before Oneonta, and then I just decided I wanted to go here because it’s been my dream school since high school. And I’m so glad I did!

My Activities
Sherman Hall Resident Student Organization representative, Xclusive Dance Crew, Black Engaged Enlightened Feminists (BEEF)

Best Experiences

Getting to meet new people. Putting myself out there and getting involved in the community. Dancing with Xclusive has been amazing because I’ve met so many good friends, and I love expressing myself through dance. I’m really dedicated to the group and hope I can be on e-board someday.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Working for a big company in computer science, so either Apple, Microsoft, Google or a government job with the FBI or CIA, maybe going undercover and doing computer science work.

About My Major

I love how there are a lot of women in my major because computer science doesn’t really have a lot of women in the field. So that’s great to see. I wanted to prove – especially as a black woman – that anyone can be a computer science major. If men try to talk down to you, just show them what you can do!

Favorite Class

Gender Politics with Janet Day. I like talking about politics. I potentially might want to run for political office someday.

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