Anacia Wilburn

Anacia Wilburn
Brooklyn, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Junior year, I visited a bunch of SUNY schools with my high school, and Oneonta was the last one we went to. It was such a nice day, I loved the scenery and the hills. The vibe felt so much different from where I grew up, in the city. I thought maybe a slower way of life would be nice. That was the main reason I wanted to come here.

My Activities

Divine Leaders Black Student Union and Step Team, EOP

Best Experiences

EOP Summer Academy was a great benefit. I met my best friend there, and I live with her now. Also just the culture here. I’ll remember the way the school handled certain situations, offering the opportunity for students to have an open forum and actually listen to them – that effort to really listen.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

The plan is to take a gap year and get a job at my high school, and then eventually go to law school. I want to work within the community first and build my credibility and then give back somehow. I’d like to open a homeless shelter someday.

Favorite Class

In high school and before, I had never really heard of Africana and Latino studies. Now it’s my minor because of how interested I’ve been in the concept and the classes I’ve taken here on it. Someday, I’d love to go back to the high school I went to and teach an Africana and Latino studies class there because there’s so much we don’t learn about our history that we should be taught.

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