Brittany Williams

Brittany Williams
Brooklyn, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I chose SUNY Oneonta because I love the atmosphere. It’s different from growing up in the city, where you’re surrounded by a concrete jungle and fast-paced environment. Coming here was so different. Fresh air and a beautiful campus and the people here seemed to really want to get to know you.

My Activities

Resident Adviser, History Club, Economics Club, Finance club, Students of Color Coalition, SUNY Oneonta's Sustainability Representative, Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society

Best Experiences

Being inducted into Phi Alpha Theta National Honor Society was a really big accomplishment for me because I work really hard. Another great experience was becoming an RA, where you get to meet so many different people of different backgrounds. You have a leadership presence, and I’m learning a lot through that.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

In 20 years, I’ll remember my friends here and the various clubs I’m in. We all have funny moments in Mills or Wilsbach Dining Halls. I’ll remember just being in my building or in my room, just laughing at funny stuff that happens on campus with friends.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream job would probably be to be the executive director for a finance company or firm. If I wasn’t into finance, I’d probably say I’d be a chef. I love to cook.

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