Chanho Jung

Chanho Jung
Gwangju, South Korea

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I am an exchange student so I will only be here for one semester unfortunately, because I want to stay longer. Choosing SUNY Oneonta is kind of destiny for me because when I was considering the exchange program and where to apply, it’s a big decision. But when I was just searching through the website of SUNY Oneonta, I could feel that this is a university that I really want to try. So I apply for it right away.

First of all, it has the strong liberal arts and humanities classes. I want to learn theatre classes and literature classes because I wanted to understand how the American people think. And also I want to gain the broad view in terms of literature and arts. SUNY Oneonta could offer the best possible experience for me because it has hundreds of student clubs in a variety of categories. Also it is well known that the university provides to exchange students the friendly atmosphere and the personal attention through the small size classes and the peer mentor programs. So that's why I think that this university is the best university that's supporting and encouraging students to realize what they really want to do. That is why I chose it.

My Activities

Self-Instructional Language Program (SILP) tutor, WIRE-TV, Asian Language Learning club

Best Experiences

Meeting friends here who are interested in Korea and sharing my experiences and daily life, and experiencing the American culture that is fresh to me. Teaching Korean to American students with the SILP program, that’s very meaningful to me. I didn’t know how many American students are interested in learning Korean. It gave me the opportunity to think about my country and culture and identity much deeper. I never did before because it is so familiar to me.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream job is becoming an announcer or broadcaster in Korea.

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