Cheyenne Pommelle

Cheyenne Pommelle
Harlem, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta

I decided to come here after going on a school visit. I came on accepted students day, and I got to meet some of the professors and some of the students. I just really loved the environment. Everybody was really welcoming and nice. I wanted a change from the big city area, and Oneonta was the right amount of change.

My Activities

Students of Color Coalition, Xclusive dance club, Hall Government, Student Honorary Board Director

Best Experiences

I wanted to get involved in as much as I could on campus, and I have loved being involved in different clubs and learning new things and meeting new people.

I presented at the Student Creativity and Research Day on the topic of parasitology. I’ve been studying parasites in fish in Otsego and Canadarago Lake. We actually found a new species of fish, which was really rewarding.

Another great experience was being able to travel to Chicago to a diversity conference through the Office of Equity and Inclusion. I’d love to go on more of these types of trips through the college.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I’ve always loved animals. I always knew I wanted to be a veterinarian and fell in love with the field pretty early on. I want to work with big, exotic animals in a zoo. But I also have learned here at SUNY Oneonta that I enjoy the research side of things, too, so maybe I’ll do a combination of the two.

For now, I’d like to travel more and participate in Relay for Life and the Pit Run.

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