Dan Westman

Dan Westman
Fultonville, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

My mom went here and she recommended it. But I actually transferred here. I was on the track team in high school and I wanted to run again, so I reached out to a few coaches and the coaching staff here was really welcoming. They got back to me almost immediately. I was like, “Wow, if they care that much about reaching out immediately, they must care about their athletes.” They scheduled the recruiting and I came out here. I didn't apply anywhere else to transfer.

My Activities

Cross country, indoor and outdoor track and field, Activities Council, hall government, Sigma Gamma Epsilon, geology honor society

Best Experiences

A lot of my best experiences have happened with my teammates. I've been injured and sick a lot in my time here. So I haven’t been able to run as much or as well as I'd like to, but every time you come back after an injury and you've been rehabbing or you've been sick, and you just have been trying to get better and you come back into the locker room and you just see all your guys for the first time and everybody's happy you’re back – it's just a very supportive system.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Right now I don't have too much set in stone. I took the Civil Service exams for the State University Police and the State Police. So I've been thinking maybe I'll pursue something in law enforcement.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I think I'm probably going to remember a lot of my friends in the geology program. I switched into the major during the second semester of my sophomore year, which was very late, and it's a very credit-heavy major. So I've been taking a lot of classes with a group of guys who are a year under me. We’ve had maybe eight or nine classes together at this point. Everybody keeps each other in check, and it's just everybody helping everybody out. It's a really cool thing.

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