David Ormiston

David Ormiston
Johnstown, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta

I decided to come to SUNY Oneonta because, when I came up on my visits, I met some of the staff of the Music Industry department, and they were really nice. They treated me like I was already a student here, and one gave me a tour without even having a date set up for it, showing me around the department and really seeming interested in my coming to school here.

My Activities

Men's Swimming and Diving, SACC

Best Experiences

I’ve been doing live sound ever since middle school, so I was looking for a major that would allow me to pursue that live music experience while also learning the business side of the industry. Audio production was something I was always interested in, but there was no one around my hometown that would know how to do it. So when I came here, the staff really helped me out with learning how the studio works and how to record music.

A defining moment for me was becoming really close with my coach on the Men’s Swim Team here. She’s like a second mother to me. We go to her house and have family dinner together. We’re a team and we’re family, so it’s important that we’re close.

I also started a band this semester, and we played a show at the Black Oak Tavern downtown. I met every kid in my band through a class. The Oneonta music scene is awesome - really accepting to all kinds of art. If you’re a musician and you want to perform, there are places you can do that here, from the Black Oak to the B-Side Ballroom.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I intend to get an internship in New York City and live down there for the summer. I want to get my name out there in the field so that, when I graduate, I can get my start. I’d like to work at a studio in New York, working my way from the ground up to eventually maybe become a studio manager or producer.

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