Dustin Pennington

Dustin Pennington
Walton, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I was attending a different college but I transferred to SUNY Oneonta because it was one of the few schools in New York with a meteorology program. I transferred from a bigger campus, but here the professors were very focused on the undergraduate students and there’s great opportunity for research and presentation, which is very uncommon – across the nation – at the undergraduate level. Here, we’re given that opportunity.

My Activities

Public Relations Chair of Meteorology Club, Sigma Gamma Epsilon Honor Society for Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Best Experiences

My best experiences were during research presentations. I’ve gotten to present my research at professional conferences, and by doing that I’ve gotten experience and met professionals in my field. Another great time was shadowing a National Weather Service employee to see how they do everything they do.

What You’ll Remember in 20 Years

I’ll remember the conferences I’ve presented at and going to New Orleans. I’ll also remember Meteorology Club and all the fun we have together. Aside from academic stuff, we have movie nights together, go bowling and just hang out. It’s a close bunch.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I have always loved severe weather. I grew up in Florida, and we always got hurricanes and thunder storms. I love research, too, but I like to be in the field, seeing where the storm is and where it’s going. I want to forecast dangerous weather events and help keep people safe, working for NOAA or NASA maybe. Being able to use my education to keep people safe – that’s my main mission.

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