Emily Williams

Emily Williams
Albany, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I came here on a tour, and I absolutely fell in love with the campus. I went into all the academic buildings, and I really liked how everything was set up and I liked how classes weren’t too big and the campus itself wasn’t too big. And everyone here was just so friendly and welcoming. That’s the best thing about this campus.

My Activities

Alpha Phi Omega, Academic Team Member, Peer Tutor, Phi Epsilon Omicron honor society, president of Edgy Veggies Society, Food and Nutrition Association club

Best Experiences

I was part of the Giant Fast O picture on Founder’s Day, and that was really fun! We had to run across a big field and make an “O” and there was a drone taking our photo. Also, when I was a freshman going to Club Expo for the first time and seeing everything and all the activities and organizations I could be a part of was so cool. I really wanted to get involved and put myself out there, and I did that! I’ve gone on a lot of hikes and rock climbing and kayaking trips with the Outdoor Adventure Club. I love being outdoors and learning new things about the environment with other people.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Celebrity dietician. I want to apply for the master’s program here at Oneonta because you get everything done in a year!

About My Major

I like how it’s very broad. I could work online or work for a restaurant or even a company that sends meals to your house. You can do so many things with it. I just want to educate people on how they can live healthier lives and increase their longevity through their diet and exercise.

Favorite Class

I liked biochemistry a lot. I learned a lot about processes in the body and how they happen. I love science, so I loved learning about that stuff.

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