Fernando Pena

Fernando Pena
Bronx, NY
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After Oneonta

Fernando graduated in December 2018. Here are his plans!

I’m set to begin my master’s degree in finance next fall. I’m currently interviewing for a financial advisor role with Northwestern Mutual.

Why SUNY Oneonta?

It’s such a nice little quaint college town. It’s the perfect balance of everything I was looking for. I actually didn’t visit, just looked through the SUNY system. But I fell in love as soon as I got here.

My Activities

Resident Adviser, Zeta Beta Tau, Museum Guide for Science Discovery Center

Best Experiences

There are too many experiences to count at this point. Being an RA has been amazing. I’ve met a ton of friends, and every building has its own community vibe. I also love traveling and, what’s cool about SUNY Oneonta is that the Office of International Education hosts trips you can go on. Recently, we went to Washington, D.C. And I also went to Boston. The Backpacks to Briefcases trip to New York was also great. We met with alumni and dropped our resumes off at a lot of places.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

A moment that stands out was Pass Through the Pillars. I came in as a sophomore, so I was surrounded by freshmen. Getting to see everyone cheering for you was so welcoming. A lot of the people I met there I ended up becoming good friends with. It’s a cool introduction to campus – you’re standing by the pillars that overlook all of campus, right near Fitzelle and Fine Arts, and it’s this big celebration. I’ll pass back through when I graduate, but I don’t want to leave yet.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream would be to work as a financial adviser or in a position in investment management – JP Morgan, maybe. I’m also interested in criminal law, so I might want to work for the government. Right after graduation, I’m going to try to get a starting position as a paralegal within the District Attorney’s office. And maybe I’ll go to grad school.

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