Gabe Membreno

Gabe Membreno
Hicksville, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Oneonta is actually my third school. I transferred here three years ago. My big struggle was finding a place I could afford, which was really important to me and my family. And with Oneonta’s rich history in fostering educators, with my goal being a high school English teacher, I wanted to go to a place that could teach me best to teach others.  

My Activities

President of Poetry Slam Association, Art & Scope magazine, theatre crew, sound for Late-Night Oneonta WIRE-TV show

Best Experiences

Getting to travel with the Poetry Slam team and compete against other teams. The big one is CUPSI, which has brought me to Chicago, Philadelphia, Houston… It’s such a wonderful thing. I love getting to see different places and different cultures and people. I would not trade those experiences for anything. It was so good to be in the poetry communities there, and connecting with all of these other poets has been really, really special and to do it in these cities I’ve never seen before was so cool.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

After graduating, I hope to get into grad school. My dream school is California State University, Long Beach. And then ultimately I want to be a high school English teacher, probably somewhere suburban, close to a city. I like having that accessibility to a city but not having to deal with the pressures of having to live in the city. I like the middle ground.

Favorite Class

I really liked my Stagecraft class because I love theatre and all the behind-the-scenes stuff. I got to design my own set with a little 3D model, so that was cool to have that hands-on learning and look at theatre in this new, really technical way as opposed to watching a show. I really love all the specific literature classes, too, like I’m taking Queer Lit and also African American Literature right now, so really getting all these diverse perspectives is really fun.

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