Harrison Zema

Harrison Zema
Stephentown, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I transferred to Oneonta. It was my dream school in high school, but I didn’t get in right away. Then I applied under a different major, and it was just a better fit after a first try somewhere else. Oneonta is really nostalgic for me. I used to come here when I was younger to go to the Soccer Hall of Fame. Some of my favorite teachers came here. To me, it's always been this special place. It’s still kind of hard to believe I'm really here. I’m very proud to say I go to school at SUNY Oneonta.

My Activities

Funk Band, PR representative for C.L.I.O. History Club, E-board of Management Club, Men's Club Ice Hockey, Intramurals, L.A.U.G.H. club

Best Experiences

I've met all my best friends in Oneonta. When I transferred, I literally dropped into this giant friend group. Music’s always been a big part of that. The music department here is next-level and they're really accommodating and professional. The Funk Band plays downtown at The Black Oak; you can’t get better experience than that.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

When I graduated high school, I started substitute teaching and I’ve been doing it for almost four years now. I’ve almost switched my major here to education so many times. It took taking one education class here to really solidify that I should get my master’s in education. One of my professors really laid everything out on the table for me and straight-up said, “If this is who you are, then you’re going to teach.”

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I have two ideal careers. I do plan to go for my master’s in education. And then the other thing is, I actually have been thinking about starting my own business or working for a brewery. That's sort of a newer idea, but it's something I feel like I'd really be good at. I like the atmosphere in breweries, and they seem to keep popping up everywhere.

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