Ichika Odani

Ichika Odani
Sapporo, Japan
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

When I was in Japan, many of my friends knew about Oneonta already. I went to English learning school, and that school has a lot of information about Oneonta. I was interested in fashion and I knew that Oneonta had fashion, so that is the biggest reason I came here.

My Activities

Asian Languages Learning, COIL programs, Japanese Society for All, intramural volleyball

Best Experiences

At first, I was really nervous to come here because I know that my English is not good enough. I didn’t have a lot of confidence. It was easy for me to talk to international students but when it comes to American students, it was hard. Where I’m from is a big city. It’s really different from Oneonta. At first, I felt like I preferred somewhere more urban, but now I feel like it’s really nice here because the nature is really beautiful. I feel like it’s a good place to study. Especially in the fall. It’s really pretty. And I am really enjoying meeting new people.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I’m interested in fair trade and also artisans’ products. So in the future I want to work for a company that is doing fair trade and selling artisans’ products from developing countries. I want to stay in the U.S., if it’s possible. My dream is for the people in developing countries to have a better life and also I want many people to feel happy about their lives through their working opportunities.

Favorite Classes

Photography is really interesting. I actually go to the dark room and use chemicals to expose and do some film processing. That class is so fun and a good experience. In Quality Analysis, we learn about fast fashion and sustainability and how companies are systemized. I like Socio-Psychology of Fashion, too, because we learn why people are wearing clothes or what do you think about tattoos or what is the meaning of clothes? More psychology stuff. It enhanced my knowledge.

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