Isabel Mendoza

Isabel Mendoza
New Berlin, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

Honestly I think the distance – It’s close to home but not too close. When you're on campus there’s so much to do, you don't really get homesick, anyway!

My Activities

Mask and Hammer theatre club, public relations representative for Hulbert Hall, Apollo Music Club, O-Snap student Snapchat team

Best Experiences

Definitely making friends. My hall always has random movie nights where someone will say, “Hey, do you want to set up Netflix in the lobby?” and we’ll do late-night runs to Mills Marketplace and fun study nights. All those little moments when you make friends.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream job definitely would have to be in the education field because the teachers that I've had in high school and some here have made it a priority that the student comes first, more than the material. Really making sure that you understand it and that you know they're there for you in a personal way, too. So I want to be that for someone else.

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