Jamal Wiltshire

Jamal Wiltshire
Brooklyn, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I previously had visited SUNY Oneonta when I was a junior, and I liked the school and was very interested since they had Criminal Justice.

My Activities

Criminal Justice Club, Alpha Phi Omega Community Service Fraternity, BASIC, Japanese Society for All, Peer Mentor, CME Student Manager

Best Experiences

Honestly, I’d say meeting people here. I met my friend group freshman year in Hulbert Hall. We literally all just bonded and connected, and we’re still friends. We used to move to the same dorm every year together. We still have Sunday dinners off-campus just to stay close with each other.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I was off-campus recently and my phone happened to die. My mother was trying to get through to everyone to try to get to me. She got through to the majority of my friend group and they were actually on campus looking for me, calling hospitals. I got back and had 20 different messages from my friends. That honestly touched me, I didn’t know I was that loved.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

My dream job would be to work for the CIA, but I’m planning to start off in the NYPD and then work my way up in the ranks to a federal job and finally to the CIA. Right now, I’m in in pre-enrollment for the NYPD, going through the background check and all that.

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