Kaitlyn Horyt

Kaitlyn Horyt
Putnam Valley, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I transferred here actually. I visited Oneonta on a whim. When I visited, I didn’t even see the full tour and I was still like, ‘I love this place.’ I just got such a genuine, good energy from it. Another factor was that other schools just didn’t have the clubs that Oneonta has. There weren’t as many students that were active in the community. Here, everybody puts their effort into all the clubs. I just felt like I was supposed to be here. The same day, I had to visit another school, and when I went there, I knew I had to come here.

My Activities

Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, WIRE TV, Terpsichorean Dance Company (e-board and choreographer)

Best Experiences

I keep getting involved with a bunch of different clubs and I love being exposed to all of them. A lot of my best experiences have been with Terps. I got elected to be on the e-board! I make the posters for shows and the mixes for the dances, which all goes hand-in-hand with my major. It’s been great. I choreograph, too, and they’re just a great community of girls.

I just love the overall community of Oneonta, too. I am a senior now so I live off-campus. I stayed here all summer actually and worked at Latte Lounge! It just feels like home here.

About My Major

I consider myself a creative, and it’s so cool that the Media Studies program here lets you do so much. I just love being able to produce whatever I can at this stage. I have so many opportunities to produce my own projects. I take an audio production class, and we’re free to use the studio, and so that helps me with making my dance mixes for Terps! I just love it. I also love getting to explore my major through WIRE-TV.

Favorite Class

Improvisation. It was the greatest class I’ve ever taken. There are no rules, and you really learn about yourself. I loved it. 

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I want to do a lot of things; that's why I chose this major. I might try to do something with a dance agency. Or I could also go into marketing, maybe, or be a writer for a television show. I want to do directing or screenwriting or playwrighting. Or all of it! And I would love to do it for theatre, TV and film.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I’ll remember that this is where my life changed for the better. I love it so much! I wish I transferred here sooner, but I guess it was perfect timing.

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