Kylie McFall

Kylie McFall
Pleasant Valley, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The athletic program. My sister was also at SUNY Oneonta, and she graduated a year before me, so that was definitely another reason why I wanted to come here. And I was recruited for the cross-country and track and field teams.

My Activities

Women’s Cross Country, Track and Field

About My Major

I’ve switched my major four times. I came in as dietetics, then switched to psychology, then business economics. And then the new sport management program was created. So I changed to that, and I’ve really enjoyed it. I grew up in a sports family. Sports has been everything to me, and when I realized this new major had come along, I was like, “Wow, I really want to try that!” And I really like it a lot. A lot of student athletes have switched into this major, actually, and we all really enjoy it because it’s more of what we specifically want to do.

Best Experiences

I would have to say going to the SUNYACs (SUNY Athletic Conference championship meets) my freshman year. We won the indoor and outdoor SUNYACs, and we were the first woman's program to do that here. So that was very exciting! And also during my freshman year I placed at SUNYACs, and that was very rewarding. It was a big accomplishment for me.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

I would say just the close family aspect that I’ve had here. I spend most of my time in the Alumni Field House and I know so many of the athletes and so many of the coaches. I’m also on the Student Athletic Council. So I know so many athletes, and we always spend time in Chase and Alumni and I will just always remember my athletic experience, honestly. Even on our “days off,” we’re running together, and they’re not really days off. We always say “D3 never stops.” We’re like a little family, with the men’s team, too. We’re always there for each other.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

Originally I wanted to be a coach, and now I'm interning with my program, the track and field team. And I think I want to go into sports marketing and doing social media – promoting teams and stuff like that.

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