Lianne Palais

Lianne Palais
Valhalla, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

SUNY Oneonta definitely has the best dietetics program in the Northeast. Part of that is because of the five-year program that lets you get your undergraduate and master’s and 1,200 internship hours in five years, which is required to sit for the Registered Dietitian exam. To get your master’s in a year – that’s shorter than any other program I know of! So that's one of the biggest reasons I came to Oneonta.

I'm also a legacy student. My mom went here, so she obviously knew how great it was, but she wasn’t trying to force it upon me. I just happened to choose it myself.

My Activities

Orientation leader, Transition Team member for New Student Services, student intern at the Office of Global Education, secretary of Food and Nutrition Association, hall government, vice president of recognition for National Residence Hall Honorary

Best Experiences

On campus, the best thing has definitely been the friends I've made. One of the reasons I work for New Student Services is because I met some of my closest friends during orientation, and we're still friends. That really impacted my college experience and made me want to work for them.

Off campus, studying abroad in Greece was the best. Having that opportunity was amazing, even only for a month. It was life-changing and brought me out of my comfort zone. Again, the people I met there just so happened to be two other Oneonta students studying abroad at the same time I was, but we had never met before on campus. When we met in Greece, we got super close. It just really expanded my horizons, I think.

About My Major

I’ve known since ninth grade that I wanted to do something with science because I did really well in biology. But I didn't want to be a doctor or anything medical. So I was looking at a list of majors at another school and I stumbled upon dietetics, and I looked into other dietetics programs in the area and then found my way back to Oneonta because I had heard how great the program is. I spoke to the head of the department and she sold me on it. All the classes I’ve taken have been so interesting. I just love learning this stuff. Like, yes, these classes are going to set me up for a great career, but also I just love learning the material.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

Probably running around all over the place to all the events and meetings and things I have to go to, and probably being in the Human Ecology building all the time because all my classes are there and I basically live in that building. I think I’ll just miss what it feels like walking around as a student – It’s going to be so sad when I leave.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I really want to do Oneonta’s five-year dietetics program to get my master’s and then become a Registered Dietitian. And then I would really like to be a pregnancy dietician and possibly a lactation consultant, and maybe have my own practice where OBGYNs would refer their patients to me. That would be really cool.

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