Lisa Bianco

Lisa Bianco
North Bellmore, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I actually chose SUNY Oneonta by accident. I was originally going for music education and I had applied to several different programs, and I got into all of the programs except for one, and all of the ones that I did get into I couldn’t afford. So the one left on my list was Fredonia and I got in. Academically, they gave me money. I passed all my music theory tests, but then I got a rejection letter from the actual music program itself. So I was a little surprised – I kind of had all my eggs in that basket. So I took it as a sign that I was not supposed to do music. And I decided to do Business Economics and Pre-law. So that's why I applied to SUNY Oneonta very last-minute, because I knew they had a good Business Economics program, which isn’t even my major anymore!

My Activities

President of the junior class, Alpha Psi Omega Theatre Honor Society, Mask and Hammer Theatre Club, Identity Play Reading Club, Slam Poet, OFAN, Orientation Mentor, Gender Sexuality Alliance

Best Experiences

Coming to Oneonta has been the best experience of my life. There were so many things I didn't even know I had to discover about myself that Oneonta gave me the freedom to do. One of my best experiences was running for president of my class because it was very, very much pushing me out of my comfort zone. It's never something I thought I would do. Going through that whole process and then ending up winning was really amazing. Also helping with orientation! Being a mentor has been, like, the best experience I've had in college, and I almost didn't even apply my first year. Now I'm one of the senior staffers, so it feels great.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

There is so much, but I think just the feeling of pride within myself that I was able to push myself and join so many things and do so many things. I feel like the amount that I've grown in college is remarkable. And I've been able to do so much and step out of my comfort zone so much more than I thought I ever would be able to do. And that feeling of knowing that I've accomplished things or made a difference in people's lives – that's what I'm going to remember always.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

It changes. I think I was always someone who knew exactly what their dream job was and that was being a songwriter, and to some degree it still is. In terms of dreams, I want to be a Broadway score composer. But it’s not the most feasible, so that or going into higher education is what I plan to do after I graduate. Either that or being a director for theater.

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