Lisa Hornick

Lisa Hornick
Beacon, NY
Year of Graduation

After Oneonta

Lisa double-majored in theatre and mass communications (now called media studies). She graduated in December 2018. Here are her post-Oneonta plans:

After graduation, I will be working for Norwegian Cruise Lines’ entertainment department as a stage technician!

Why SUNY Oneonta

I chose SUNY Oneonta because, when I visited campus, I felt this sense of community right away. I actually visited four times to decide. I received a scholarship, as well, so getting a great education at an affordable price was important to me. Ultimately, I fell in love with my academic departments. Coming to school here was the best decision I’ve ever made.

My Activities

Mask and Hammer, Office of Admissions, WIRE TV

Best Experiences

Being a theatre major, every show I've worked on has been a great experience. I'm getting real experience for after I graduate and am having a blast with it.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

In 20 years, I’ll remember all of the opportunities SUNY Oneonta gave me during my time as a student and also how much of a community our school is. Entering in as a freshman, I had no idea that in just a short period of time I would earn two bachelor's degrees, complete five internships (all of which I obtained either through the college or through a connection of the college), work on over 20 plus productions (several of which were faculty-directed shows), create and build everlasting relationships and friendships with my peers, faulty, and staff, and have a concrete foundation for the next step.

It’s amazing and I am super grateful for my time at SUNY Oneonta. What’s important to remember for students is that we are not a number here, we are definitely a name and a person of which the Red Dragon community wants you to succeed.

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