Malina Bahr

Malina Bahr
Highland, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I loved the campus. I loved the program that they had for my major. And I loved how far it was but how close it was at the same time. So I thought it was just a really good fit for me.

My Activities

Hall government, Hippies for Hope

Best Experiences

Making all of my new friends and loving all of my classes and taking different classes than what I would have taken in high school. I'm pretty much in all English classes except my one education class, and I think that the English classes are super different. So it's super fun for me.

I was really nervous that when I was going to school that I would get really homesick and that I wouldn't have professors who were as personable as my high school teachers. And I was thankfully very wrong. I love my professors. I genuinely like going to all my classes, which is really good. And I didn't get homesick at all.

About My Major

Dr. Lee is my favorite teacher. He’s so great. Just his voice and how he speaks and how he explains things, it’s just so great. I really enjoy his class. And Dr. Tredennick. She’s so funny and reminds me a lot of a teacher I had in high school. So I love her all the more but just like how she explains things and just adds humor to everything. I'm not one for poems, which is like pretty much all of her classes, but I can put my hatred for poems aside because I love her so much and her teaching.

What I’ll Remember in 20 Years

Everything my roommate and I do together! Every single night pretty much we go to Mills and we get garlic knots and we just laugh at everything. She’s great and I'm definitely going to remember like every stupid, small little thing that we've ever laughed at. We’re best friends.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I would be working in a high school teaching 11th grade English. I think I’d be most excited to teach the book “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Such a great, great, great book. I love it.

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