Marco Ammirati

Marco Ammirati
Huntington, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

I knew a lot of people that went here, and I was also in touch with the tennis coach here. Playing tennis here had a lot of pull in my decision, and it definitely turned out to be the right decision.

My Activities

Men’s tennis team

Best Experiences

Definitely playing on the tennis team. I actually got to travel my freshman year to Portugal with the team. Coming in as a freshman, that was just an amazing experience for me. It was the first time I had ever been abroad so it was a really fun experience.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I’m really interested in public relations, so basically I just want to solidify some type of job in a PR setting. I would love to be in New York City, but I’m willing to go anywhere around the country as long as I have a good job.

About My Major

I like how there’s a lot of variety in the classes. Even though it’s a communication major, I’m learning about a lot of things other than just how to talk to people. These are skills everybody needs in life. It will be helpful no matter what job I end up in.

Favorite Class

I really liked my public speaking class. I know a lot of people probably wouldn’t say that. I felt uncomfortable public speaking when I first got into the class, but my teacher, Stacy Branigan, made it super fun for everybody and it ended up being one of my favorite classes here. I love her, she’s the best.

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