Marielle Mouflet

Marielle Mouflet
New York, NY
Year of Graduation

Why SUNY Oneonta?

The music industry major brought me here! Not a lot of colleges had that, so it was one of the few, and I heard it was a really great program here. And it is! I like it a lot.

My Activities

Songwriters Club, WIRE-TV

Best Experiences

Becoming a Teaching Assistant; OH-Fest when A-Boogie performed; and the day they brought all the farm animals to campus! That was so fun. My audio minor is really fun, too. I’ve gotten to record a bunch of people in the studio.

Plans, Goals, Dreams

I hope to work in A&R, finding talent. That seems really fun.

About My Major

The professors all have connections and experience in the industry so it’s teaching me a lot – hands-on and referring me to actual people who work in the business and can help me. Dr. Pignato is my favorite. His classes are really helpful.

Favorite Class

Audio II because we learned how to make beats and produce.

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